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You Gotta Have Wa

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You Gotta Have Wa

by Orel Hershiser, James Fallows, and David Halberstam (Apr 15, 1989)

Digitized by Jessica Suchman and Catherine Nissley

“The Japanese certainly have the same kind of enthusiasm for baseball as Americans...they just play the game a little differently, and Bob Whiting captures those differences perfectly.” Orel Hershiser

Bob Whiting has done it again! THE CHRYSANTHEMUM AND THE BAT was a comic masterpiece, a deft analysis of modern Japan masquerading as a witty sports book. YOU GOTTA HAVE WA is a worthy successor, a book that will please baseball fans and enlighten anyone interested in Japanese-American relations.” James Fallows, Atlantic Monthly

“YOU GOTTA HAVE WA is like Bob Whiting's classic, THE CHRYSANTHEMUM AND THE BAT, in that it is far more than a sports book. Using the experiences of American baseball players who have played in Japan as his metaphor, Whiting has given us a brilliant example of two cultures in almost complete conflict with each other. What you read in this book is applicable to almost every other dimension of American-Japanese relations.”  David Halberstam

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