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Pro Yakyu Stats?

Baseball news from Japan and Asia

Where can I get stats in English?

In the distant past, NPB-BIS (a.k.a. IBM-BIS) provided some basic stats for Pro Yakyu in English. This was a great service to many people following Japanese baseball who are "Kanji impared."

Unfortunately, the official NPB web site took over BIS (Baseball Information Services) on the Internet and the English support was dropped. Needless to say, the English speaking Pro Yakyu community turned to this site for help.

Team Stats

Each team page (click on "Players" to the right of specific team) has full team stats for each given year. Please note that the teams are complete starting from 2003 (I'm still working on entering data farther back). The team pages include pitching, batting, and fielding stats (as they become available).

Player Stats

From each of the team pages above, or from the overall players page, one may click on a player to get his career stats. Career stats include pitching (if any), batting (for pitchers as well), and fielding data. Fielding data tends to take a while to get after the end of the season, as do some of the detailed pitching and fielding numbers.

Concurrent Stats

Current Central and Pacific League leaders in pitching and batting are all updated daily throughout the season on the leaders page.

As for concurrent stats during the season for players who don't qualify for a title, I'm gathering them on another site right now. I want to make them publicly available, but that depends on financing the other site. I'm trying to work out a way where stats can be posted here during the season without undermining the other venture. Please be understanding of the situation. If you work for a Major League team and are interested, please write me for more information.

Still, I would like to help out friends and family members of players playing in Japan by providing data services to them during the regular season. Earlier this season I set up a system for a couple of family members to track progress of their sons/brothers. I have now expanded that system so that all current non-Asian foreign players' stats are accessable to logged in users on each individual's player page.

So-and-so Has No Stats!

If a player you're interested in has no stats on his team or player page, then there is one of two reasons for that.

  1. The player played before 2003 and I haven't entered him into the system.
  2. The player has not played at ichi-gun (the top team).

For #1, please post a request to this thread and I will try to get to it. There's a bit of a back-log on historical players, but I try to get to smaller requests quicker.

As for #2, ni-gun (farm team) stats are something that I would really like to get to. However, it's a very low priority right now, and I don't know when I'll be able to get to it. As much as I want to do everything, there are only so many things I can do in a day.

Historical Stats

If you are interested in career stats for a player who has played in Japan prior to 2003 who does not have his stats on his player profile page, please post a request to this thread and I'll see what I can do.]


There are stats all over this site, mostly in the teams and players sections. There are also a number of statistical studies in the various forums, often as answers to questions. Furthermore, all of the stats on this site are available in a relational format for those who understand relational databases on this page.

I've put a lot of work into gathering and presenting data in my free time since 1995. I know I have a long way to go to satisfy my own hunger for more data, so what I have will most likely come up short for some researchers. But I do hope that this provides a useful start for others.

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