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Central League pushes back season to conserve energy

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Central League pushes back season to conserve energy

by Rob Smaal (Mar 22, 2011)

The Central League over the weekend agreed to bump the start of its regular season back four days to March 29 as a result of the earthquake and tsunami that have wreaked havoc on Japan.

The move was in response to a government request to help conserve energy. It also comes after the NPB players' association voiced strong disapproval at the CL's original plan to start its season on time on March 25.

The Pacific League has bumped the start of its season back to April 12, and players would like to see both leagues begin regular-season play that day.

It was also decided that NPB games taking place in areas serviced by Tokyo Electric Power Co, the electricity provider for the Tokyo area, and the Tohoku Electric Power Co. will be played during the day through April 3 to cut down on power usage.

The tsunami that resulted from the March 11 magnitude-9.0 earthquake disabled nuclear power generators in Fukushima, which were a major source of electricity in the region.

As of Monday, emergency services personnel were still working to shut down the reactors.

Night games this season will also be played with fewer lights in use and the CL has decided not to play any extra-innings games this year. More day games will also be scheduled for later in the season.

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