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Ikusei for Olmsted

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Ikusei for Olmsted

by Patrick Newman (May 9, 2010)

The SoftBank Hawks have signed 23 year-old righty Michael Olmsted to an ikusei contract. The former Mets farmhand worked out last for SoftBank along with JD Durbin, who also signed a deal with the Hawks. So the Hawks went two-for-two on that tryout.

Olmsted will be competing with SoftBank's other ikusei players for a spot on the team's 70-man roster. I recall reading that Durbin took the last spot on Softbank's 70-man, so it's possible that Olmsted won't shed his ikusei status this season.

There have been a couple notable success stories among foreign ikusei signings: Wirfin Obispo chipped in 58.2 productive innings towards Yomiuri's nippon-ichi team last year, and former Hiroshima Carp ikusei player Esmailin Caridad reached the majors with the Cubs last season.

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