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need help with homeruns in Spirits 5

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need help with homeruns in Spirits 5
I finally picked up this game last month, it is an amazing improvement over the 2004 or 05 version I last played. However, I am having some trouble hitting homeruns with certain players and I am wondering if you folks here have a similar problem.

You see, I am using the Hawks in Pennant Mode and at the All-Star break now, and I cannot for the life of me hit homeruns with players possessing the "Archist" (artist?) special ability. Here is the breakdown: Matsunaka has 12 homeruns, Tamura 8, Kokubo 7, and Matsuda 3. Now let's compare them to the players without the Archist Ability: Taue - 24 (Now leveled up with the Power Hitter ability); Nakanishi - 22; an outfielder I think called Hasegawa - 8. So for me, guys with no homerun-related special skills at all are out-homering Archists at a very high rate. Guys with no special skills hit a pitch and jacks it out with a loud bang. Archist guys get the same pitch but they hit it and fly out weakly to center.

Am I doing something wrong or is the Archist skill actually detrimental to hitting homers?
Re: need help with homeruns in Spirits 5
[ Author: Guest: dusty | Posted: Mar 10, 2009 2:33 AM ]

I realize that this is an old thread, but I just need to add this. i have no trouble hitting homeruns in professional baseball spirits 5 i won a game the other day like 31-0 and every other hit was a homerun i dont know what settings i have it on because i know the japanese language very well you can try to take off of curser batting that might help
Re: need help with homeruns in Spirits 5
[ Author: Guest: John | Posted: Mar 31, 2009 8:32 AM ]

I think the key to hitting HRs (besides being as close to 255 power as possible) is the Pink Ability that starts with what looks like the Chinese word for "8". I believe that grants an even higher off-the-bat angle.

But I think the best (cheapest) hitters in the game are players with the enhanced compact swing skill (pink ability 'Liu'-something), plus the pink 'hitting corner' skill;
You just poke opposite field homeruns all the time if your power is high enough.
This works even on the hardest settings (fastest pitch etc.),

And using the 'O' compact swing is absolutely the way to hit as gives you the most time to react (you can start your swing late!).

Now, there are some Pink Abilities which FLATTEN the path of the hit ball. It is possible you selected/learned one of those ever the course of player creation or as a result of one the ability training books your player read during his 'stardom'...

I can't read Japanese (only Chinese), I'm looking for someone smart who knows what the Pink Abilities mean in English

So far the best Pink Skills for a power hitter I can figure (educated guess)

'Liu' hit (O swing improve)
'Corner' hit (O swing improve)
Chinese word for "8" skill (fly balls help)
"In the zone". (translate help!)
"Streak". (I think this helps you hit consecutive HRs)
"Clutch". (this improves hitting when you're down)

I'd love to discuss more with people here,

Re: need help with homeruns in Spirits 5
[ Author: kamachi | Posted: Apr 17, 2009 3:26 AM | YG Fan ]

My problem is that I cannot hit enough homeruns compared to how players play in real life. Can I get some of your basic tips on how to do it (location you swing at, how and where you place the cursor, etc)?

Right now, after two months in pennant, my Giants are last in homeruns in the entire NPB and my leaders are Ramirez (9), Abe (5), and Ogasawara (5). I don't remember the exact HR/ABs but it is well over 50. Hitting is not an issue since I lead the CL in AVG, 2Bs, and 3Bs. I just can't consistently hit homeruns even though I have a guy with an "S" Power (Ramirez) and three others with "A" power.

For waht it is worth, I play on default pennant settings with the difficulty that adjusts to the player. Any help to make my experience better in this area would be appreciated.

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