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Japanese HOF Exclusions?

Discussion in the Pro Yakyu History forum
Japanese HOF Exclusions?
My understanding was that players were eligible for induction about 15 years after they retired from playing. If that is correct, can someone please explain to me why Koji Yamamoto and Yasumitsu Toyoda aren't in the Hall? I feel much the same way about Masahiro Doi, but perhaps a bias against DH's can explain the failure to induct him.

Jim Albright
Re: Japanese HOF Exclusions?
[ Author: sigbotchan | Posted: Apr 27, 2004 4:08 PM ]

Hello, Albright-san.

It's a very intersting topic. When I was in Japan, I did not know how the Meikyu-kai worked. I am surprised to learn that Yamamoto Koji has not been inducted.

My comment will be debatable, so I leave criticisms to other knowlegeable fans, but I have heard about "family" such as the Kawakami-family and Tsuruoka-family. Things get really messy when it comes down to the Hirooka-family. Kyojin-line personnel could be considered as a part of the Kawakami-family, but Hirooka, from his years with Yakult and with Seibu, has kept himself apart from K-family. Mori Masaaki (former Lions' and BayStars' kantoku), previously known as Masahiko, also made his name known as a head coach under Hirooka. I think Nomu-san is from Tsuruoka-family since he comes from the Nankai Hawks (currently Daiei).

I am not sure how these family things affect HOF induction, but from your listing, I noticed that one played for Hiroshima while the other two were Nishitetsu players. How about Kadota Hiromitsu? He should be eligible soon, and he used to be a DH. Can you believe he used to play outfield? Wow

Personally, I think your three players and Kadota-san deserve to be inducted. Playing in the Pacific League might have also worked against them (not Yamamoto-san) because back in their playing days Yomiuri games were the only zenkoku-net (national network) games people could watch.

We should remember the old-saying: "Kyojin, Taiho (sumou-wrestler), Tamagoyaki" ("Giants, pro wresting, fried egg). In this sense, opportunities to see Yamamoto-san's performance (from his best years) should have been limited to: vs. Kyojin-sen, playoffs, and Nihon-Series.

What do you think, Albright-san?

Yuki Sei (sigbotchan)
Yamamoto and the Meikyukai
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Apr 27, 2004 9:58 PM | YBS Fan ]

- I did not know how the Meikyu-kai worked. I am surprised to learn that Yamamoto Koji has not been inducted.

Um, Yamamoto Koji is in the Meikyukai. Admission for fielders/batters is 2,000 hits, which he cleared. I think you're confusing the Meikyukai with the Hall of Fame. These are different (often overlapping) groups.
Re: Japanese HOF Exclusions?
[ Author: Guest: Jim Albright | Posted: Apr 28, 2004 12:14 AM ]

I'm in the process of totally revamping my pages at, which will include all-new articles on the greatest all-time players plus many other things. I'll let those articles at least serve as my answer to your questions to start it off. If that's not enough, let me know and we'll try to cover it a little more. Sorry to put you off like this, but those new articles do so much to work with the discussion you seem to want, I think it best to do it this way.

Jim Albright

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