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First Night Game

Discussion in the Pro Yakyu History forum
First Night Game
Today (August 17) in 1948 saw the first NPB night game played. In this historic event, Kyojin squared off against Chunichi at the "Yokohama Gaelic Stadium" [cannot find any official translation for this].

Because playing at night under lights was new to all involved, the game proceeded less than smoothly. Apparently players made errors galore and the umpires got calls wrong.

Chunichi defeated the Giants 3-2.

[Editor: I need to look it up, but I think the stadium was named after Lou Gehrig. That area of Yokohama was still under the control of the Occupational Forces at the time, I believe.]
Re: First Night Game
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Aug 17, 2005 8:25 PM | YBS Fan ]

While not necessarily a primary source, I did find this page about Yokohama Stadium that mentions that it was Lou Gerhig Stadium during the Occupation. This confirms what I remember of a map I was given of the area from the late 1940s. (What is now Yamashita Koen was a housing area for the officers, the PX was what is now Mitsukoshi in the Isezaki Shopping Plaza, and a number of other buildings are still standing.)

Anyway, "Gaelic" appears to be Gerhig converted to Katakana, converted back to Romaji. I'm confident that it was called Lou Gerhig Stadium at that time.
Re: First Night Game
[ Author: mijow | Posted: Aug 18, 2005 9:20 AM | HT Fan ]

- [...] it was called Lou Gerhig Stadium at that time.

Or "Lou Gehrig Stadium" to use the correct spelling.

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