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Tetsu Yofu returns to CPBL

Discussion in the Around Asia forum
Tetsu Yofu returns to CPBL
It's going to be interesting to watch the Chinese Professional Baseball League in 2006. After failing to catch on in the Major Leagues with the Chicago White Sox, 33 year old right handed pitcher Tetsu Yofu is returning to the CPBL with the Brother Elephants. In 2001 Yofu was 11-10-1 with 1 save and a 2.21 ERA in 31 games with the Elephants.
Re: Tetsu Yofu Returns to CPBL
[ Author: Guest: will flynt | Posted: Jan 26, 2006 8:42 AM ]

It's nice to see the CPBL keeping with their tradition of lying, cheating, stealing and bringing back a pitcher who was suspended last season for steroids.

It is so disapponting to see how far the CPBL has fallen since my first year back in 1993. I wish it was still the league of old, the best league and place I ever played.
Re: Tetsu Yofu Returns to CPBL
[ Author: mondejoe | Posted: Jan 27, 2006 11:03 AM | YOK Fan ]

Yeah, during your time the CPBL was definitely in its heyday. A lot of good players are out of the game because some defected to the TML or were caught gambling. Teams such as the Weichuan Dragons attracted a huge following but they're out of the league now.

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