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2005 Asia Cup?

Discussion in the Rumor Mill forum
2005 Asia Cup?
According to an article over on Nifty Sports, The Yomiuri Shinbum is reporting that there might be a possible "Asia Cup" next year after the Nippon Series, with the winners of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China facing off in a tournament. If it happens, it would only take place in alternate years.

I would love to see this, but I don't think China is ready to compete yet against the other Asian teams after watching them in the Asian Olympic Qualyfing tournament last year.

Another interesting note, it happens every other year, and if it starts next year, it would happen every year the Major League All Stars don't come to Japan. Hmm, gotta wonder about that.

Here's the article for those of you that read Japanese: [Link - Nifty Sports]
Re: 2005 Asia Cup?
[ Author: WayneMcGwire | Posted: Oct 27, 2004 3:53 PM ]

Several weeks ago when I was reading the UDN newspaper (Link - Chinese), I also heard that some people were talking about this Cup. But in my memory, there is no "China" in the Cup. The Cup itself will be a good idea except the quality of the game played by teams not equally rated. It is possible, just a possibility, for NPB players to see other players in action as a joke. But for CPBL and KBO, it's definitely the best chance for them to improve themselves.
Re: 2005 Asia Cup?
[ Author: Kiyoshi | Posted: Oct 28, 2004 2:01 AM | HAN Fan ]

In the 1990s, the CPBL (Taiwan), KBO (Korea), NPB (Japan), and the Australian All-Stars would play a Super Major Series in Japan on odd-numbered years. Then the MLB All-Stars would play against the NPB team on even-numbered years.
Re: 2005 Asia Cup?
[ Author: WayneMcGwire | Posted: Nov 1, 2004 4:11 PM ]

The same newspaper, UDN, reported the news recently which states that NPB, CPBL, KBO, and China will play the Cup. But I personally anad strongly suggest that they should have a tournament with the CL, PL, CPBL, and KBO instead of considering China - if the reason is that they just want to have four teams to play. Frankly speaking, although CPBL and KBO are generally thought of as a bit below the level of CL and PL, they are well-established leagues at least.

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