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Cubs Scouting Johjima?

Discussion in the Rumor Mill forum
Cubs Scouting Johjima?
If true, that the Cubs are scouting Johjima, I'm a very happy man.*
The Cubs have dispatched Gary Hughes to Athens to scout potential major leaguers in the Olympic Games. Hughes, the special assistant to general manager Jim Hendry, may have some interest in the Japanese players like catcher Kenji Johjima, who has 33 home runs for the Fukuoka Hawks. The Cubs are one of two teams, along with San Diego, to scout the Olympics.

Source: Chicago Tribune

* Yes, I'm very happy with Michael Barrett's play behind the plate for the Cubs this year, but that's a discussion for a different board.

Re: Cubs Scouting Johjima?
[ Author: daijnj | Posted: Sep 9, 2004 4:38 PM | FSH Fan ]

There was definitely an American scout at last night's (September 8, 2004) Hawks' game, where Johjima hit a home run. I didn't talk to him, so don't know who he was looking at. Johjima was quite animated upon hitting the two-run homer, and I assumed it was because it had been a while, but he may have had other reasons to want to do well?

P.S. Sarafini stared Johjima down all the way around the bases, and this was probably the prelude to the attempted bean ball of Zuleta after his home run. In Zuleta's defense, he has been nearly beaned about three times in the last week and a half and has been holding it back. They say he tied the record for being ejected, but I believe he may have set a record before that for near beaners without any response.

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