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Kei Igawa

Discussion in the Rumor Mill forum
Kei Igawa
I've been reading some rumors online, and the rumor said that the Cubs may be interested in acquiring Igawa instead of getting into the bidding for Daisuke Matsuzaka. I haven't heard too much about him. Can someone tell me what kind of player he is? All I know right now is he is 27 years old and a left handed pitcher. Had a sub 3.00 ERA last year. Besides that I'm not sure! What kind of stuff does he have?
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Nov 12, 2006 10:35 AM ]

I want him for the Mets. Omar?
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Nov 12, 2006 3:33 PM | CLM Fan ]

I was on the Mariners board and someone quoted Reyes and Wright from the Nichi-Bei Series. Reyes liked him, but Wright wasn't too sure about what Igawa could do in the majors. Though he did make it a point to note that Igawa hadn't pitched a game in a month or so.

If Ken Kadokura can go to the majors and perhaps be around Tomo Ohka's level, I see Igawa being just a bit better than Ohka. There's always the chance that he can get really inspired and rise to Takashi Saitoh levels, though.
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: Jbroks86 | Posted: Nov 16, 2006 11:32 AM | SFT Fan ]

Speaking of Igawa, Seattle has taken themselves out of the bidding [Seattle Times] for Igawa. According to the report, the order again came from none other than Hiroshi Yamauchi.

It seems that it is all but certain that Igawa will either end up with the Cubs, Mets, or Braves. Though who knows about certainties anymore?
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Nov 16, 2006 10:54 PM ]

Why is Yamauchi doing this to the Mariners? Does he not like Japanese players?
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: Jbroks86 | Posted: Nov 17, 2006 9:58 AM | SFT Fan ]

- Why is Yamauchi doing this to the Mariners? Does he not like Japanese players?

Economics, all about economics. Though with the way Nintendo has been this year, do you have to wonder? Their profits are sky high this year. Despite Lincoln being the owner, Yamauchi is still the figurehead behind Seattle. He might as well still be owner.
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: Jbroks86 | Posted: Nov 17, 2006 10:00 AM | SFT Fan ]

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Padres will make a bid on Igawa.
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Nov 17, 2006 10:05 PM | CLM Fan ]

Maybe Yamauchi is a diabolical owner trying to make the team terrible, so they can move the team to another city ala Major League. J.J. Putz is Wild Thing Vaughn. Ichiro is No Marbles Tanaka. I guess Richie Sexson can be Pedro Cerrano.
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: Sole_SL | Posted: Nov 21, 2006 2:02 AM | SL Fan ]

Speaking of the Mariners, according to an article on a clubhouse web page, The M's have expressed their interest in Igawa and may make a bid over the next week.
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Nov 18, 2006 2:35 PM ]

My understanding is that Igawa is more of a finesse pitcher. Therefore, if he has pinpoint control and can mix it up, he could be good enough in MLB, like Ohka.

I have read that he is projected to be a #4 or #5 starter. If the Mets sign Glavine, they won't really need Igawa. They already have Bannister, Maine, and the ageless/ageful El Duque who are soft throwers. However, I think Glavine prefers to play near his Atlanta home and Omar likes stockpiling pitching, so one never knows.
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: Guest: igawa is better then ohka | Posted: Nov 22, 2006 3:35 AM ]

Igawa is a lot better then Ohka. Please don't compare them.
Re: Kei Igawa
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Nov 22, 2006 2:41 PM | CLM Fan ]

We'll see how major league batters handle his fastball. I get this feeling that Igawa will put up Ohka type numbers, hence the comparison.
Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: Guest: kobyashi | Posted: Nov 22, 2006 11:22 PM ]

Well, we all know Kei Igawa is not D-Mat, but there are rumors ("just rumors") that the Yankees or the Mariners are the top bidders of the Kei Igawa sweepstakes.
Re: Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: Jbroks86 | Posted: Nov 23, 2006 9:24 AM | SFT Fan ]

According to Newsday, the Yankees are lukewarm about Igawa.

I say it's more a running between the Cubs and Mets. It is impossible to tell what Seattle wants to do. Former owner, Hiroshi Yamauchi, reportedly ordered the team not to bid for Igawa, and another report quoted sources that Seattle intends to bid for him.

Given the way the Cubs have spent this off-season, and the amount of cash the Mets have, I see them as the favorites.
Re: Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: Hawaiian Winter | Posted: Nov 26, 2006 6:54 AM ]

While there are doubts about his fastball, I've heard that his out pitch is his curve ball. I heard it's pretty good. I know he's got good command and is crafty, but the curve must be pretty good for him to be this successful in the NPB.
Re: Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: Guest: Matthew | Posted: Nov 29, 2006 10:39 AM ]

WFAN is reporting that the Yankees were the winning bidders for left-hander Kei Igawa.

If was right, the Yankees spent $25 million on Igawa after bidding $30 million for Daisuke Matsuazaka. However, there's little chance that Igawa will compare to Matsuzaka in the majors. He's likely to be a third or fourth starter at best, and it's possible that he won't even be a good No. 5. Assuming the Yankees get him signed, there will be just one rotation spot available for Carl Pavano or the club's youngsters.

Source: The Journal News
Re: Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: Guest: Tarboro | Posted: Nov 29, 2006 3:22 PM ]

Is this a good move?
Re: Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Nov 29, 2006 4:54 PM ]

I don't see Igawa pitch better than Ted Lilly. Even Bobby Valentine said Igawa has shown some decline the last couple years.
Re: Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Nov 29, 2006 2:42 PM ]

I guess $25M is lukewarm for the Yankees. This posting business has gone wacky. Igawa isn't worth $25M over 3 years, let alone a price on his head.
Re: Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: Something Lions | Posted: Nov 29, 2006 8:27 PM | SL Fan ]

Well, it's an overinflated FA market this year, so Seibu and Hanshin postings, luckily for them, coincided with open purse strings.
Re: Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: BigManZam | Posted: Nov 30, 2006 1:00 AM | CLM Fan ]

Guess we know why Yamauchi dropped out now.
Re: Kei Igawa Update
[ Author: Jbroks86 | Posted: Nov 30, 2006 9:46 AM | SFT Fan ]

It could also be the Mariners are supposedly pursuing Jason Schmidt. While Igawa would bring the Mariners more exposure in Japan, Schmidt is the ace Seattle needs. It could be they're trying to center there resources on Schmidt. Or maybe once again, Yamauchi knew something that we all didn't know.

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