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Valentine to Dodgers?

Discussion in the Rumor Mill forum
Valentine to Dodgers?
The L.A. papers are reporting that Paul DePodesta is out as general manager of the Dodgers. Peter Gammons is reporting on ESPN that Orel Hershiser will replace DePodesta in the front office and Bobby Valentine will take over the Dodgers' manager job.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: The Duke | Posted: Oct 30, 2005 3:19 PM ]

Bobby digs it far too much as a demi-god in Japan for him to return to the U.S. where he is mostly viewed as a good manager who never won a World Series, with a huge mouth and ego.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: JOE KALESNIK | Posted: Oct 30, 2005 11:12 PM ]

Today's New York Post writer Joel Sherman had the same thing to say, that Bobby V. could be the Dodgers' leader. Of course, Sherman is famous for rumors. If you read his column, he is about 50% accurate when it comes to baseball trades, signings, and hirings. Sometimes I think he prints stories just to fill space.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: The Duke | Posted: Oct 31, 2005 4:45 AM ]

Bobby might be intrigued if McCourt gives him the decision making over player moves as well as acting as manager. Bobby wants a big say in things. He has roots with the Dodgers as well. On the flip side, McCourt is more interested in real estate than baseball, so Bobby might be hamstrung. Plus, I think he really likes it in Japan. He has few headaches and he is loved. It's sad what is happening to what was once one of the classiest clubs in the league.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: John Brooks | Posted: Oct 31, 2005 10:12 PM ]

Bobby Valentine announced that the Washington Nationals, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and Los Angeles Dodgers are interested in hiring him as manager.

Chiba Lotte Marines' team representative Ryuzo Setoyama said "I'll tell major league teams that we have one more year with Valentine. There is no doubt he'll be here next season."

Valentine said he expects that major league teams will seek the Marines' permission to hold talks with him in the near future and expressed his readiness to listen, even if he stays with the Marines.

Valentine has a career 1,117-1,072 record as manager in the major leagues with the Texas Rangers and New York Mets. Valentine led the Mets to the 2000 World Series. [Baseball-Reference]

I expect Valentine to stay in Japan, like I said throughout all of 2004. He enjoys managing in Japan and I just don't see him coming back to manage in the majors.

[Full Story - Japan Ball]
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Kenny | Posted: Oct 31, 2005 10:19 PM ]

It sounds like Bobby V. himself is starting these rumors. [Link - SportsLine]

Is his ego that out of control that he has to tell Kyodo News that 3 teams are pursuing him? I think it's pretty disrespectful to the Marines to be doing this.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Nov 1, 2005 9:46 AM ]

Bobby can't help himself. There were reports that Tommy LaSorda, now an advisor to Frank McCourt,was promoting Pat Gillick, formerly of the Mariners, for the job. If he does get the job, maybe we'll see a few more NPB players in Dodger Blue?

Theo Epstein walked away from the Red Sox today and was mentioned as an LA possibility as well. He is another Moneyball guy like DePodesta, who got canned.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: kappa | Posted: Nov 1, 2005 10:35 PM ]

I would like to know why he is so hated in USA? As a Japanese baseball fan, I am curious.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Nov 3, 2005 3:37 AM ]

Bobby V. has a polarizing personality. Some love him, some hate him in the US. Most of us just suffer from Valentine Fatigue" - too much talk from Bobby.

He is a good manager, but not great. What he did with the Marines was classic Bobby. He had a group of the willing, who bought into his philosophy. He made them winners. That's Bobby at his best.

At his worst, he is a bullying, egotistical, big mouth - a legend in his own mind. Strong tactician, but is the second most winning manager in MLB history who has never won a MLB World Series - and he has a lot of wins. He can divide a clubhouse with his favoritism of certain players, and is sometimes unnecessarily confrontational. Guys like future Hall of Famer Tom Glavine have gone on record as saying that they would never have come to the Mets if Valentine were their manager.

In the end, it's always about Bobby. Even in America, there is a concept of enryo and selflessness, attributes that Bobby lacks. Don't be surprised if Bobby sticks it to the Marines' owner, or at least shakes him down for more money, and leaves his players and fans high and dry.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: zman | Posted: Nov 1, 2005 11:54 PM ]

Bobby is gone. Get over it.

Three reasons:

One, he can never repeat in NPB what he did this year. The best thing to do for him is to leave now and let his fame linger as the magic Valentine.

Two, nothing would be better for him than to take an American team back to the Series and to win it. That would be the biggest ego thrill of all.

Three, the Dodgers will pay Bobby more in one year than he would make in five in Japan. Heck, the Dodgers could buy the Lotte team if they wanted to do it.

There is only one move for Bobby, out of Japan and back to the USA to work his magic over there. If he can.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Kenny | Posted: Nov 2, 2005 8:04 PM ]

The subject might have to be changed to "Valentine to D-Rays?"(Link - SportsLine). As far as I'm concerned, this is very bush of Bobby V. He's talking seriously with the Devil Rays about taking the manager's job there. He's basically pulling a Larry Brown (currently head coach of the NY Knicks who negotiated a deal with the Knicks while still under contract to the Detroit Pistons back in June of this year).

Bobby V.: You are a low-life if you leave the Marines at this point. You told both the Marines and the media that you were planning on coming back next season.

A poster asked why Bobby V. is hated in the U.S. Well, there's your answer. He's been doing stuff like this all his life. He's an egomaniac who wouldn't know common courtesy if it hit him upside the head. That's why a lot of his players in the U.S. hated him.

In his defense, most managers/head coaches in the 4 major U.S. sports are egomaniacs, so it's not like Bobby V.'s behavior is surprising.

All this talk about him being in the running for these 3 jobs must be doing wonders for Bobby V.'s already inflated ego.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: John Brooks | Posted: Nov 3, 2005 4:52 AM ]

[...] where he is mostly viewed as a good manager who never won a World Series, with a huge mouth and ego.

Huh, while Valentine never won a World Series with the Mets, he is clearly the best manager in Mets history by far. His career record speaks for itself or the Dodgers and Devil Rays wouldn't be so interested in Valentine. Valentine has, and always will be, one of the most popular Mets figures. He's only gone because former GM Steve Phillips (who didn't have half a clue) fired him. In Valentine's time with the Mets he managed them to a 536-467 record (.534), one NL pennant, and another Wild Card finish (1999). [Baseball-Reference] In Valentine's time as manager with the Mets, only once did they finish below .500 in a full season (his last season). The Mets without Valentine have been 220-265 (.434). [Baseball-Reference]

Howe and Randolph haven't been half the managers Valentine was and never will be half the manager Valentine was with the Mets. I can't understand all the hatred towards Valentine by some hateful fans after all he did with the Mets after the Dallas Green failure.

I'd clearly have Valentine by far over Howe and Randolph. I'd even have him over most managers by far in the major leagues.

About Valentine's current contract situation, he recently said that he's flattered by major league offers but his current focus is getting the Marines ready for the Asian Series. When asked if he would be back next year Valentine said, "It's all in the works." Both Valentine and the Chiba Lotte Marines have both indicated a desire for Valentine to return, so they both share a common ground. [Full Story - Mainichi Daily News]
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Kenny | Posted: Nov 3, 2005 9:20 AM ]

I just read that Mainichi Daily News story. Nice sentiment and nice lip service, but Bobby V. is as good as gone. He's definitely not coming back. Notice how he keeps telling the Japanese media that "he hasn't signed a contract for next season yet." He said it himself in that article that he's undecided about next year.

Bobby V. can use all the semantics he wants, but he's been negotiating with the Devil Rays, for crying out loud. It's obvious that after the Asian Series and after his contract with the Marines runs out at the end of November, he's going back to MLB.

If a two hour telephone conversation with the Devil Rays isn't negotiating, I don't know what is. He hasn't taken himself out of the running for that job, something that most people under contract with another team would do.

Bobby V.: You have a contract with the Marines. Honor it like a man. How do you sleep at night?

It looks like Bobby V. will take his magic wand (yeah, right) home to the U.S. and use it for the D-Rays, Dodgers, or Nationals. Good riddance.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Nov 3, 2005 1:06 PM ]

According to the paper I read today, the Devil Rays announced that Valentine is one of the 3 finalists for the manager job. They'll be announcing the "winner" in 10 days to 2 weeks. I can't believe there are actually 3 people interested in that position. The Rays might as well be a Minor League team, let's face it.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Nov 3, 2005 11:45 AM ]

Dude, you don't even like the Mets, so what makes you an authority?

I've posted my thoughts on Bobby. When the Japanese fans get the shaft you will understand what Bobby is really about.

A couple of things. In my mind, the best manager in Mets history was the late Gil Hodges. He was a great gentleman. A stoic motivator who molded young Seaver annd Koosman and a group of has beens and never was' into World Series champions. A bad heart ended his life prematurely.

Davey Johnson also did a good job in 1986 and in the '80s in general. Bobby was good, but please don't annoint him as the savior. The Mets' slide had to do with bad personnel moves, not the loss of almighty Bobby, who I might add, rolled over and didn't give a gnat's derriere in his final season. Howe was awful, Randolph has some potential. You don't condemn a rookie manager until he has a body of work as long as Bobby's. I'll say one thing, Randolph is also a gentleman, which is as alien a concept to Bobby as chopped liver.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Bob Timmermann | Posted: Nov 3, 2005 2:52 PM ]

I've never read anywhere that Valentine is a candidate to manage Washington, just Tampa Bay or Los Angeles. Washington's manager is Frank Robinson and he's not leaving despite his age. The fans in Washington seem to like Robinson a lot, despite the fact that he's not the most pleasant individual.

The Dodgers' manager job will likely be vacant for a while since the Dodgers don't have a GM. Tampa Bay is close to hiring a GM, so they would be ready to hire a manager sooner.

Of course, the Dodgers' owner let the old GM fire the old manager and then decided to fire the GM. Which makes very little sense.

One of the possible candidates for the Dodgers GM is a woman, Kim Ng, who is the assistant GM. Which would be harder to believe: a female general manager in the US or in Japan?
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: mvk20! | Posted: Nov 3, 2005 8:08 PM | YG Fan ]

Actually, I did see something in the Washington Post about Valentine to the Nationals. The next day in the same paper GM Bowden said there was no truth to that rumor.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: John Brooks | Posted: Nov 4, 2005 2:47 AM ]

Valentine said he wanted to remain with the Marines and he feels the Marines' feeling is mutual. The Marines recently offered a 3 year contract for Valentine to stay.

Bobby Valentine also had a great relationship with the son of Chiba Lotte owner Takeo Shigemitsu. [Link 1 - Daily Yomiuri] [Link 2 - Japan Ball]

- Dude, you don't even like the Mets, so what makes you an authority?

The same thing that makes you an authority on the matter. Plus, I never even responded to you, so I don't know why you're in such a fuss.

- Bobby was good, but please don't annoint him as the savior.

Compared to Dallas Green, he was the Mets savior. Too many Mets fans don't give Valentine any credit for what he did in his time there. He turned around what was a sad team when he was hired and turned it in to a competitive team real quick. Though, what thanks does he get from consistent moaning and complaining about, "Bobby this and Bobby that"?

Remember, there were a ton of headcases on the Mets that weren't Bobby Valentine: Tarasco, Harnsich, Pulispher, Lance Johnson, Bobby Bonilla, Rickey Henderson, etc. Deny as you wish Valentine was popular with the New York Mets fans.

Your statements are almost like an engima. Bobby Valentine was always a class individual with the Mets and in Japan. He was one of the classiest individuals after 9/11 in the US and is one of the classiest in Japan. Valentine was always signing autographs in his time in New York, Valentine cared about the fans and he cared about the team.

- The Mets' slide had to do with bad personnel moves, not the loss of almighty Bobby, who I might add, rolled over and didn't give a gnat's derriere in his final season.

What it is now, bad personnel moves or the loss of Valentine? My goodness, Phillips barely gave Valentine a team to work with in 2002. Wilpon and Phillips barely gave an effort into trying to win, and Valentine ended up as the scapegoat. How was Valentine suppose to win with the team Phillips put together in '02? They could barely beat themselves.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Nov 4, 2005 9:01 AM ]

Why are you making a fuss?

I have followed the Mets and been a Mets fan for 40 years. You spend your time castigating the Mets, it's fans, and the city whenever the chance arises. So, yes, I am somewhat of an authority because I too am knowledgeable and I care about the team. You don't. You care about pontificating - just like Bobby.

As I've said, Bobby is a good manager, but he brings a lot of baggage. People love him or hate him. That includes players who refuse to play for him - good players, respected players.

Let me ask you this, are Bobby's public statements on being wooed by 3 MLB teams, while he is under contract and after Chiba fans are in orbit showing class? Sure he has an out in his contract, but I just think he is slapping the faces of Chiba ownership and their fans by grabbing the limelight in such a joyous time. He should go about his business quietly, but he is incapable of doing that. To me, Bobby is showing true, but very bad form, my friend.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Nov 4, 2005 2:54 AM ]

Kim Ng happens to be a highly regarded baseball executive. As there are many female business executives in the US, it would not be hard to believe at all.

Tommy LaSorda is working behind the scenes, pulling McCourt's strings on GM selection. First, reports said he wanted Gillick - he's now in Phillie. Hunsicker looks like he's going to TB. The big GM names are gone, except Theo Epstein (who Tommy would not want - too independent).

Now, the real guy he wants is Bobby. They are old buds. So here's my take:

Bobby become manager with a big say in player acquisition. Bobby is about getting authority and feeding his ego. Kim Ng makes the player moves that Bobby wants and runs baseball ops. Bobby becomes a phantom GM on the player side in addition to field manager.

If McCourt was a smart baseball man, he'd woo Theo Epstein and promote Ng to run baseball ops. Bobby would be a good manager choice for the Dodgers, but he is going to want more.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Kenny | Posted: Nov 4, 2005 7:12 PM ]

Mr. Kranepool,

I'm glad that you feel that Bobby V. is showing bad form also. I can't believe that no one else feels the same way.

Bobby V. is taking the Marines for a ride that they're not going to enjoy. Yesterday, it said in Nikkan Sports that the Marines offered Bobby $12 million for 3 years. Yet, in today's Japan Times, Bobby denied that he ever received an offer. Someone's lying here, and smart money says that it's the guy who once got kicked out of a game by the umps only to come back in a ridiculous disguise.

Bobby V. is supposedly asking for $15 million for 3 years. I see what he's doing - asking the Marines to open the vaults for him so that they'll have no choice but to refuse to pay him that ridiculous amount. Then, what do you know, Bobby's free to sign with the Dodgers. Real sly and real typical of him.

Bobby V. should just stop playing games with Lotte and just tell them the truth. He obviously wants to go back to MLB. Be a man for a change, Bobby. You will ruin whatever goodwill you built up in Japan over the years.

A lot of the Japanese media are just too gullible, and I think they actually believe Bobby's good-guy act. The media and players (and fans like Mr. Kranepool) in American have already figured this guy out. He's a phony, just like his mentor Tommy Lasorda.
Re: Valentine to Dodgers?
[ Author: Guest: Ed Kranepool | Posted: Nov 28, 2005 3:45 PM ]

Has Bobby signed his contract extension with the Marines yet? There was a report in NY that he was getting a nice raise and staying in Japan. MLB managerial talk of Bobby has died.

Personally, I think Japan suits him very well.

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