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CPBL Announcers Quote Bill James!

Discussion in the CPBL News forum
CPBL Announcers Quote Bill James!
This is progress. The announcers cite Bill James's ranking of defensive position difficulty.

[June 18, 2014 Game between Brother Elephants and Eda Rhinos]
Re: CPBL Announcers Quote Bill James!
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Jun 20, 2014 10:59 PM | YBS Fan ]

While I can figure out how to read box scores in Taiwanese, I'm afraid that I don't have much skill with the spoken language. Could you please fill us in with the context and relevance? A time code in the video might also be helpful for those who do understand the spoken language.

Still, that is progress. Thanks for the note.
Re: CPBL Announcers Quote Bill James!
[ Author: NelsonChung | Posted: Jun 26, 2014 2:23 AM | NIP Fan ]

Sure, I should have provided more explanation.

32:00 - "Freddy Garcia was pitching for the Rhinos in the top of the third inning. Leading off was the seventh batter, starting SS Mayaw Paong. The usual SS, Mayaw Ciru [the MVP of the MiLB Futures Game as Yung-chi Chen] just returned to the team and is recovering still, so Ciru is playing 3B instead. Ciru wanted to play 1B, but 1B was too crowded. I said that DH is even more relaxing, but Ciru said that that was taken as well. At the time the Lions were contending for the Championship, he was hurt pulling his ankle as he ran for first. Ciru has played 1B and OF before. I told him we should give the hardest to him."

34:21 - "American baseball expert Bill James has mentioned his positional difficulty list. The most difficult is 1) SS 2) 2B 3) CF 4) 3B 5) RF 6) LF 7) 1B, the easiest."

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