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Vizquel Wants To Play in NPB

Discussion in the Nichi-Bei forum
Vizquel Wants To Play in NPB
San Francisco Giants shortstop Omar Vizquel [Baseball -Reference] said he would like to play in NPB if he can't find a MLB team to play for this off-season. Vizquel will be a free agent after the season.

The slick fielding shortstop has struggled mightily, batting just .187/.251/.217 with 0 HR's and 13 RBI in 69 games and 203 AB's. About the experience of playing in NPB, Vizquel said:
"I've played here long enough in America. I've seen every team, every ballpark. I think it would be great to experience a new league and something new. I played in Japan in 2000 on the major-league all-star tour and I found it very cool - good baseball, good fans. Why not? It's a new culture."
Right now I caution against getting too excited, for a few reasons:
  1. Vizquel has struggled offense wise the past 2 years and is batting well below the Mendoza Line this year, so how much value can a sub-.200 hitter bring a NPB team?
  2. It's not like Vizquel is a spring chicken at 41 years old, and I can't see many NPB teams spending too much to acquire him or go out of their way to sign a 41 year old gaijin
  3. I would be scared of the communication problems that might occur between the language barrier between a second baseman and shortstop. It's important for both players to understand the language
With that said, the experience of Vizquel signing with a NPB team would be interesting to say the least. Though I can't think of a team that be willing to make the move.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
Re: Vizquel Wants To Play in NPB
[ Author: Jingu Bleacher Bum | Posted: Sep 3, 2008 12:37 PM | YAK Fan ]

I remember watching Omar dazzle fans with his glove as a shortstop for the Mariners back in the '90s. If he comes to Japan, since there are so many domed stadiums, at least we won't be seeing another earring incident. :P

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