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Hiroshima Spring Training Real Time Video

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Hiroshima Spring Training Real Time Video
Continuing with the same concept as last year, the Hiroshima Carp are offering real time, free video footage of their spring training workouts. Please check the schedule below for live broadcast or rerun footage. Broadcasts start at 9AM Japan Time, and are subject to cancellation in the event of inclement weather.

Start off by visiting the Hiroshima Carp Camp Video Page.
Below the picture, you'll see a link for Windows Media or RealVideo. Click on either one to start the broadcast. (If you can connect to the busy server)
*Note: Windows Media Player 10 is required.

The scheduled broadcasts are as follows:
Feb 01 - Okinawa camp
Feb 02 - Okinawa camp
Feb 03 - Okinawa camp
Feb 04 - previous days broadcast rerun
Feb 05 - Okinawa camp
Feb 06 - Okinawa camp
Feb 07 - Okinawa camp
Feb 08 - previous days broadcast rerun
Feb 09 - Okinawa camp
Feb 10 - Okinawa camp
Feb 11 - Okinawa camp
Feb 12 - Okinawa camp
Feb 13 - previous days broadcast rerun
Feb 14 - Nichinan camp
Feb 15 - Nichinan camp
Feb 16 - Nichinan camp
Feb 17 - Nichinan camp
Feb 18 - previous days broadcast rerun
Feb 19 - Nichinan camp
Feb 20 - Nichinan camp
Feb 21 - Nichinan camp
Feb 22 - Nichinan camp
Feb 23 - previous days broadcast rerun
Feb 24 - Nichinan camp
Feb 25 - Nichinan camp
Feb 26 - Nichinan camp
Feb 27 - Nichinan camp
Feb 28 - previous days broadcast rerun

*Changes may occur to the schedule at any time, if you don't see a broadcast link, please check back at a later time or date.
Re: Hiroshima Spring Training Real Time Video
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Feb 2, 2006 2:06 AM ]

Any chance that the Carps will broadcasts games on the internet this year ?
Re: Hiroshima Spring Training Real Time Video
[ Author: Guest: John Brooks | Posted: Feb 2, 2006 2:08 AM ]

I don't know, if the Carp will broadcast their games like Softbank and Seibu did, but they do play on the radio online. (need Real Player)

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