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Japanese batting centers

Discussion in the Open Talk forum
Japanese batting centers
Hello everyone, im new here and have a question. I saw you guys have very nice battingcenters with the screen in front of it on youtube. Anyone knows which brand the pitching machines are and who manufactures the screen?

Anyone, please????
Re: Japanese batting centers
[ Author: DameToraFanNo2 | Posted: Sep 20, 2010 12:31 PM ]

Hi, this is my first posting also

like this?

"Virtual Batting"
Kinki Cresco co.
"developed with Marubeni(general trading company) and Hitachi in 1994, first in Japan"
Re: Japanese batting centers
[ Author: Haitjai | Posted: Sep 21, 2010 12:42 AM ]

Thanks a lot this is exactly what i mean!!
But it is not really helping cause there is no english subs on the site, only japanese...

I want to start my one batting center in europe. I've searched the internet for pitching machines and accessoires. Ive found some manufacturers in usa and i want to compare it with japanese manufacturers.

Are there any more in japan????
Re: Japanese batting centers
[ Author: DameToraFanNo2 | Posted: Sep 26, 2010 10:54 PM ]

huum... sounds great

another are...

"Virtual Pitching Machine"
NisshinSPM co.
"synchronized ball & video, 4 arbitrary speed settings"

"Virtual Batting Machine"
Trust co.
"uses real NPB players, or some cartoon character"
"synchronized ball & video, 4 arbitrary speed settings"

It seems to me there's no difference between these 3 company
they are mix of "planner","adviser","constructor"

the followings are machine manufacturer or reseller, but "without screen"

"Pitcher Reproducing(?) Machine"
Gyro Giken co.
"this machine reproduces all variety of pitches, include GyroBall"

Totem co.
"the world first's battery-powered pitching machine"

Topgun co.
"original air-compressor system, no wheel, no swing-arms"

BallPark .com
equipment vendor, includes used pitching machine(NisshinSPM's)
"delivery = 2 weeks"

Taguchi Sports (reseller)
SSK(Baseball Equipments)'s "Pitching Machine",

SSK's "another equipments"

and more... I found one display manufacturer, but it's not a screen (projector)

LEDピッチャー "LED Pitcher"
株式会社アスコ Asco
indoor/ outdoor LED display


full-colored, indoor/outdoor multi-use
"high brightness LED, you could see clearly under direct sunlight"(really?)
"windup position/set, right/left hand, baseball/softball(female)"

for ground
"with large wheel for moving"

small size, indoor/outdoor multi-use
"2 settings of brightness"

small &medium, indoor only

large size indoor/outdoor multi-use

幅 width  高さ height
奥行き depth
画面  desplay size
消費電力 power consumption 以下 under, not exceeding


ローン monthly installment
月々   each month
リース、レンタル (leace) rent, hire
中古   used
新品   new

野球用品、用具 baseball equipments, tools, articles

アーム式   swing arm type
トーションバネ式  torsion-spring type
ホイール式    wheel type
ローター式     rotor type (same to "wheel")

式        type, way, style, system

昇降      elevation (height adjustable)
左右動     right-left move (horizontal (one axis) adjustable)

直球      straight ball
カーブ curve ball
全球種     all kinds of balls

対応       supported, for
可能       able, available

ボール       ball
軟式ボール、軟球 all rubber ball (another japanese regulation for youth or general players, not soft ball)    
硬式ボール、硬球 hard = regulation ball (cork core, leather)

用      for
硬式用      for hard ball

general player and (commercial) "batting center" use rubber ball and steel bat.


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