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Japanese Team visit The Netherlands

Discussion in the Open Talk forum
Japanese Team visit The Netherlands
Hi all,

From July 9th to July 18th a Japanese team will play in The Netherlands in the Haarlem Baseball tournament.

The roster has a lot of unknown (semi-pro/college?) players
My question to you, do you know any of the players? All info is welcome. Thanks!

Naam Positie Rugnummer Gooit Slaat
Fujii, Ryuki Outfield R R
Gotoh, Shota Outfield R R
Harada, Masayuki Pitcher R R
Hiraiwa, Hironori Catcher R R
Hirose, Koji Pitcher R R
Hosokawa, Chitose Outfield R R
Ikemoto, Daisuke Infield R L
Inoue, Shinnosuke Infield R R
Itatani, Yohei Catcher R R
Kametani, Shohei Infield R L
Kitamura, Ryota Infield R L
Kizu, Shota Pitcher R R
Masuda, Tatsuya Pitcher R R
Matsubayashi, Yusuke Pitcher R R
Matsushita, Tsuyoshi Pitcher R R
Mishima, Yukihiro Infield R S
Murai, Kazuki Infield R L
Murata, Ryosuke Outfield R L
Noguchi, Katsumichi Outfield R R
Shirahama, Naoki Pitcher L L
Takahashi, Mitsuo Infield R L
Tsubokura, Takashi Outfield R L
Uchiyama, Koki Infield R L
Uramoto, Yoshito Pitcher R R

Naam Functie Rugnummer
Hiraoka, Ryo Coach
Ishida, Kiyoshi Head of Delegation
Kosei, Kosei Supervision
Takahashi, Keizo Coach
Takai, Keigo Manager
Re: Japanese Team visit The Netherlands
[ Author: Guest | Posted: Jul 5, 2010 3:21 PM ]

They are college players selected from only two prefectures (Kyoto and Shiga). The 5th World University Baseball Championship will be held in Japan at the end of July. So that's where all the focus goes. Expect Japan to finish last in Haarlem.
Re: Japanese Team visit The Netherlands
[ Author: Junichiro.Y | Posted: Jul 8, 2010 10:17 PM ]

Thank you for the info.
Too bad that they did not send a better team, Cuba is there with a very good team so will probably win it.
The WUBC is definitely something to look forward to.

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