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Yukio Tanaka Countdown to 2000 hits

Discussion in the Records and Milestones forum
Yukio Tanaka Countdown to 2000 hits
Only 3 left!

I can't believe it. He already has as many hits this year (15) as he hit last season total. And three home runs, too, since he just hit another one today - that actually ties him with Makoto Kaneko and Atsunori Inaba for 2nd most home runs on the team, with 3 for the season, as Seguignol has hit 8 and pretty much nobody else on the Fighters has hit any. Not that I'm bitter about any particular ex-Fighters infielders who may have already gotten 7 home runs in the Central League this year, of course...

(Geez, thanks to his grand slam the other day he's even up in the top 4 on the team in RBIs as well.)

I had sort of figured that Yukio would just get random pinch-hit assignments and maybe be lucky to rack up the 18 hits he'd need for 2,000 over a season, but it's looking like he's going to hit the 2,000 mark sometime within the next week at this rate!

I'm really excited for him. It's nice to have something Fighters-related to be excited about besides Yu Darvish.
Re: Yukio Tanaka Countdown to 2000 hits
[ Author: Deanna | Posted: May 18, 2007 3:31 PM | NIP Fan ]

Countdown over!

Yukio Tanaka got a single in the 4th inning of last night's Eagles-Fighters game for his 2,000th hit. And then he got two more singles that evening, just for good measure!

The Fighters have put up a nice little page about it on their site, with a photo retrospective of his career. Gotta love those '80s Fighters uniforms.

And here's a photo [Nikkan Sports] of him holding up the board commemorating the 2,000th hit.

He'll be the first player in the Meikyukai who actually played their entire career on the Fighters (though not the first person to ever get the 2,000-hit plateau with the team; both Isao Harimoto and Yasunori Ohshima accomplished that).

Yay! Congratulations Yukio!

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