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Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast -- 3-12 …

Discussion in the Japanese Baseball Daily forum
Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast -- 3-12 …
Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast -- 3-12 …

Vol. 2.05, John E. Gibson and Jim Allen discuss an interview with former Lotte Marines front-office exec Larry Rocca and break down the Central League.

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We want to invite you to send us your comments and questions via MP3 file so we can play them on the show. If you have an IC recorder, or the latest version of FIREFOX there’s an “online radio recorder” that you can use to record your message and easily transfer the file via email. If neither of those work for you, there’s a free software call WavePad Sound Editor that you can download and use to record your file.

Please keep the questions to less than one minute and we’ll play it on the show and address the issues you present….. We look forward to your MP3s!!

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Re: Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast -- 3-12 …
[ Author: Guest: stevesayskanpai | Posted: Mar 26, 2012 7:46 AM ]

Hi guys,

Do you have your podcast available as an rss feed link? I use Google Listen to listen to podcasts on an Android phone, so I can't use the iTunes link.


Re: Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast -- 3-12
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Mar 27, 2012 10:32 AM | YBS Fan ]


I've investigated the issue (I'm the one who has to get the technical stuff working) and have made some modifications to the RSS feed that may get it to work (based on recommendations from around the Internet).

I have tested this in Google Reader, which, according to this article, is tied into the synchronization with Google Listen on Android phones. All I did was manually add "" to Google Reader, click on one of the podcasts, and a player automatically appeared and played the podcast in my browser.

According to the above article, there should be a "Listen Subscriptions" folder in Google Reader that is synchronized to your Android phone. The easiest method to subscribe would be to copy the above jbw-podcast.jsp URL (starting from http) and paste it into a new subscription in/under that folder.

I hope this helps.

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