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2007 PL Climax Series Stage 2 Game 3

Discussion in the NPB News forum
2007 PL Climax Series Stage 2 Game 3
The Pacific League Climax Series between the Chiba Lotte Marines and Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters continues with Stage 2 Game 3 in a few minutes. Once again I've opened a chat room for the play by play.

I'd like to know, do you all prefer the textual play by play over the audio? I imagine it's easier to "tune in" at work with text than audio. Please let me know so I know which format to use going forward toward the Nippon Series. My wife votes for text - it's much quieter.

Also, while I'm happy to chat and give my opinion during the game, I tend to not give salutations to those who appear in the chat room. I know that some people are there just for the the play by play, not to chatter. So until someone speaks up, I assume they'd rather remain anonymous.
Re: 2007 PL Climax Series Stage 2 Game 3
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Oct 15, 2007 9:43 PM | YBS Fan ]

The Fighters take this one 7-0. It was a serious pitchers' duo until two outs in the 7th inning. Then everything fell apart for the Marines.

Here's the full game log, with lost of participants, making it much more fun to read than the straight game logs.

TRANSCRIPT generated on 2007/10/15
CHATROOM 2007 Pacific League Climax Series/Stage 2 Game 3

17:55 Deanna: okay, I know, I'm a pest
18:01 westbaystars: Wow, that was fast.
18:01 westbaystars: I just finished posting the notice.
18:01 westbaystars: Glynn is warming up for the Fighters.
18:01 Deanna: Yes, I'm a pest. The Yahoo Douga feed just started for me. Fortunately the game will be on real TV at 7pm
18:02 westbaystars: He'll be facing Tsuyoshi, Hayakawa, and Fukuura here in the first.
18:02 westbaystars: ---
18:02 westbaystars: Top of 1st
18:02 westbaystars: ---
18:02 westbaystars: I'll try to keep you covered as best I can until then.
18:02 westbaystars: Do you have a radio yet?
18:03 Deanna: Nope
18:03 westbaystars: The first pitch by Glynn and Tsuyoshi shows bunt, and takes strike one.
18:03 westbaystars: The next pitche is bunted up the third base side.
18:03 westbaystars: Inada fields the ball, fires to first,
18:04 westbaystars: and gets Tsuyoshi by a step.
18:04 westbaystars: Indata getting the start at third this evening.
18:04 westbaystars: Instead of Koyano.
18:04 westbaystars: That brings up Hayakawa.
18:04 Deanna: wow, I'm 50 seconds behind you I think
18:04 Deanna: don't worry about it though
18:05 westbaystars: Glynn goes right after Hayakawa with a pair of strikes (second one fouled back).
18:05 westbaystars: The third pitch is reached for and grounded to third.
18:05 westbaystars: Inada has it and throws to first for out number two.
18:05 westbaystars: I just noticed something on the inside of Glynn's arm.
18:06 westbaystars: Is that a tatoo?
18:06 westbaystars: With an arrow pointing to the inner elbow joint?
18:06 Deanna: I dunno, I'll try to look when the angle gets to me
18:07 westbaystars: Fukuura grounds a 2-2 pitch up the middle for the first hit of the game.
18:07 Deanna: Lineup: Nishioka SS, Hayakawa CF, Fukuura 1B, Saburo RF, Satozaki C, Ortiz 2B, Ohmatsu LF, Imae 3B, Hashimoto DH
18:07 westbaystars: That brings up Saburo.
18:08 Deanna: I can kind of see something on his arm but I can't tell what it is
18:08 westbaystars: Three straight balls to the Marines' #4 hitter.
18:09 Deanna: NHF lineup: Hichori CF, Kensuke 2B, Inaba RF, Seguignol 1B, Takahashi C, Kudoh LF, Tsuboi DH, Kaneko SS, Inada 3B
18:09 westbaystars: I was just wondering if you'd seen them before - like with your zoom.
18:09 westbaystars: Fourth pitch over for strike one.
18:09 westbaystars: Or maybe read in an article in Shukan Fighters.
18:09 Deanna: the last time I saw Glynn pitch a game live, he was playing for Rakuten, last September.
18:10 westbaystars: Swing and a miss brings the count full.
18:10 Deanna: I've never seen a copy of Shukan Fighters around here, honestly. even Yamashita doesn't have it
18:10 westbaystars: And the shobu pitch is over for strike three!
18:10 westbaystars: The side is retired.
18:11 westbaystars: Shukan Fighters was a joke.
18:11 westbaystars: But I think there is a Gekkan Fighters.
18:11 westbaystars: At the book store next to Tokyo Dome.
18:11 westbaystars: ---
18:11 westbaystars: Bottom of 1st
18:11 westbaystars: ---
18:12 Deanna: well, I know there's a Fighters magazine of some sort, but I never see it here. Though I did see some old copies today
18:12 Deanna: ...when wandering Jimbocho. I found a great baseball card store too
18:12 Deanna: uh, Yamashita is the bookstore by Tokyo Dome, and I never see Fighters magazines there -- I go every week
18:12 westbaystars: Submariner Watanabe Shunsuke takes the mound for the Chiba Lotte Marines.
18:12 Deanna: they have monthly magazines of the baystars, hawks, carp, giants, tigers, and dragons
18:13 westbaystars: the first pitch is grounded to the left side.
18:13 westbaystars: Imae cuts off Tsuyoshi and fires to Fukuura.
18:13 westbaystars: One pitch, one out.
18:13 Deanna: oh man, i really want one of those colored placards
18:14 westbaystars: Really? I was sure I'd seen a magazine for every team there.
18:14 westbaystars: Tanaka comes up next.
18:14 Deanna: they have guide books for most teams
18:14 Deanna: but not magazines.
18:14 Deanna: OH, hey, so, how about Taneda, what's going to happen to him?
18:15 westbaystars: The BayStars said that they're letting him go.
18:15 Deanna: I know. Do you think he'll retire, or find somewhere else to play?
18:15 westbaystars: I'm not sure what will happen to him.
18:15 westbaystars: My guess is retire.
18:15 westbaystars: Full count to Tanaka is fouled off to the left side.
18:15 Deanna: kind of a shame. his batting stance is so entertaining
18:16 Deanna: Kensukee~~~~~~
18:16 westbaystars: He could make some club as a pinch hitter.
18:16 westbaystars: Tanaka lifts the next offering to shallow left field.
18:16 Deanna: I both love and hate Kensuke Tanaka for having the longest at-bats in the world
18:16 westbaystars: The fly ball is run down by Ohmatsu who makes a lunging catch on the run, running in and toward the line.
18:17 westbaystars: Two outs.
18:17 Deanna: ironically, his bat music is "we're all waiting for your shining moment"
18:17 westbaystars: That brings up Inaba.
18:17 Deanna: er, cheer music
18:17 westbaystars: He hits the second offering up the middle for a base hit.
18:17 westbaystars: And he's off toward second!
18:17 westbaystars: The throw back looks close.
18:18 westbaystars: But Otriz misses it!
18:18 westbaystars: Inaba safe at second with a single to left-center.
18:18 westbaystars: That brings up Seguignol.
18:19 Deanna: [waves bananas]
18:19 westbaystars: Seguignol grounds the ball to the right side, right to Ortiz.
18:19 westbaystars: The throw to first ends the inning.
18:19 westbaystars: Both teams get a base runner in the first, but after one complete, it's 0-0.
18:19 westbaystars: ---
18:19 westbaystars: Top of 2nd
18:19 westbaystars: ---
18:20 Deanna: interesting that Seguignol is playing 1B and Tsuboi is DHing
18:20 westbaystars: Inaba is the player on the Fighters has has most impressed me over these past couple of seasons.
18:20 Deanna: Inaba's amazing
18:20 Deanna: But you mean position player only, right?
18:21 westbaystars: Right.
18:21 westbaystars: As much as Morimoto came into full bloom last year, I really didn't expect this much out of Inaba.
18:22 Deanna: man, I can't wait for the TV feed to start so I can stop watching Yahoo Douga commercials
18:22 westbaystars: Satozaki grounds out to Inada at third for out number one.
18:22 westbaystars: I don't remember Inaba being this good with Yakult.
18:22 Deanna: Really? Because he's 35ish? Or what?
18:22 Deanna: Inaba had a little less power with Yakult, but he was always eclipsed by other guys
18:23 Deanna: I think especially this year he's had this role of filling OCD's shoes
18:23 westbaystars: Yes. He wanted to go to the Majors a couple years ago, but no MLB team gave him an offer.
18:23 westbaystars: Yakult felt his declaring free agency was an insult and would talk to him.
18:23 Deanna: think sort of like Morino. I love Morino but everyone's like "he's been with Chunichi ten years? really?"
18:23 westbaystars: So he resigned to sign with the Fighters.
18:24 Deanna: he just stepped up when given the opening, to replace Tatsunami first, and to replace Kosuke in the order next
18:24 Deanna: I dunno. I remember the Fighters signing Inaba but didn't really hear the circumstances.
18:25 westbaystars: Ortiz goes down swinging for out number two.
18:25 westbaystars: That brings up Ohmatsu.
18:26 Deanna: The other thing about Inaba is that he always batted either like, leadoff, or 7th
18:26 Deanna: hard to be in the heart when you've got guys like Iwamura and Ramirez around
18:26 Deanna: and Furuta, and so on
18:27 westbaystars: Yea, Inaba was in the background with Yakult.
18:27 westbaystars: Full count to Ohmatsu.
18:27 westbaystars: Who lifts the shoubu pitch to straight away center, right to where Hichori has him played.
18:28 westbaystars: Morimoto takes the ball in and throws the ball into the stands.
18:28 Deanna: HI-CHO-RIIII~~~~
18:28 westbaystars: Side retired in order in the second.
18:28 westbaystars: ---
18:28 westbaystars: Bottom of 2nd
18:28 westbaystars: ---
18:29 Deanna: oh, now I see that tattoo on Glynn's arm, but still can't tell what it is.
18:29 westbaystars: Takahashi leads off the bottom of the second for the Fighters.
18:30 westbaystars: He grounds the first pitch to Imae at third.
18:30 westbaystars: Throw across the diamond is in time, one pitch, one out.
18:30 Deanna: hehe, i like them showing Yukio talking to Keizo Kawashima. Cute
18:30 Tokyo Sox: did Shunsuke pitch a full 9 IP last start? how's he looking in the early going here ?
18:30 westbaystars: That brings up Kudoh, the Fighters' left fielder tonight.
18:31 Deanna: yes, Shunsuke pitched a CG in the first playoff game
18:31 Deanna: and uh... he looks like himself so far
18:32 Tokyo Sox: and working pretty efficiently so far in this one huh ?
18:32 Deanna: he was, until Kudoh's at-bat, when he started throwing all over the place
18:32 westbaystars: Kudoh lifts a 2-2 pitch to right-center.
18:32 westbaystars: Saburo is shading that way, and tracks it down for out number two.
18:33 westbaystars: Watanabe seems to be up high with quite a few pitches. Is that normal for him?
18:33 Deanna: decent run by Saburo on that one
18:33 Deanna: no, that's not normal, Shunsuke usually pitches a lot of strikes at the knees, I think
18:33 westbaystars: Tsuboi grounds out to third, and it's 1-2-3 for both teams in the second.
18:33 Deanna: waaaah
18:33 westbaystars: After two complete, we still have no score.
18:33 westbaystars: ---
18:33 westbaystars: Top of 3rd
18:33 westbaystars: ---
18:33 Deanna: I'm wearing my Tsuboi #7 shirt today for good luck
18:34 westbaystars: Did you give us the Fighters' lineup tonight?
18:34 Tokyo Sox: really? i seem to recall seeing Shunsuke leave plenty of pitches up, but usually getting away with it,
18:34 Tokyo Sox: since its so hard to tell whats coming
18:34 westbaystars: Well, the pitches that have been high have been out of the strike zone.
18:35 Deanna: it might just be the angle we see him from
18:35 westbaystars: Imae leads off the third.
18:36 westbaystars: 24 years old in his 6th year.
18:36 westbaystars: He lifts the second offering up to right.
18:36 Tokyo Sox: yeah, to my memory when he's on, the ball is all over the place
18:36 Tokyo Sox: and he gets some swings & misses out of the zone
18:36 westbaystars: Inaba comes over toward the second base bag and makes the catch.
18:37 Deanna: 6th year for Imae. man
18:37 westbaystars: Hashimoto steps in.
18:37 Deanna: I keep thinking of 2005 as his first year though
18:37 Tokyo Sox: Imae is in his 6th year???
18:37 westbaystars: Start 'em when they're young.
18:38 westbaystars: Hashimoto grounds the ball through the right side, past a diving Tanaka.
18:38 westbaystars: Base hit.
18:38 westbaystars: That brings up Tsuyoshi.
18:38 westbaystars: The top of the order.
18:38 Tokyo Sox: yeah I guess as Deanna said he really only showed up on my radar when Lotte was winning it
18:38 Deanna: yeah, Imae was drafted out of PL Gakuen in the late 2001 draft, but he didn't play 100+ games at ichi-gun until 2005
18:38 westbaystars: Tsuyoshi grounds the ball up the middle.
18:39 westbaystars: But Kaneko fields is next to the second base bag.
18:39 westbaystars: Takes it there himself for one.
18:39 westbaystars: And the relay to first is in time, double play.
18:39 Deanna: and then Imae owned the postseason in 2005, so yeah
18:39 westbaystars: So the Marines get a hit, but get nothing to show for it.
18:39 Deanna: Kaneko!
18:39 westbaystars: After 2 and a half, still no score.
18:39 westbaystars: ---
18:40 westbaystars: Bottom of 3rd
18:40 westbaystars: ---
18:41 westbaystars: Kaneko leads off the bottom of the third.
18:41 westbaystars: Batting over .400 in the Climax Series so far.
18:42 Deanna: nerai wa makoto!
18:42 westbaystars: 2005 was when Imae got to start playing full time on the top team.
18:42 westbaystars:
18:42 westbaystars: Kanemo hits a half liner up the first base line.
18:42 westbaystars: Grabbed by Fukuura on the run toward the outfield.
18:43 westbaystars: One away.
18:43 Deanna: yeah, I have my NPB Perfect Data book here. Whee dead trees
18:43 westbaystars: That brings up Inada.
18:43 Deanna: lalalalalala Naoto
18:43 westbaystars: And Watanabe does some grounds keeping on the mound after throwing the first pitch away.
18:44 Deanna: also that was a nice play by Fukuura
18:44 westbaystars: Dead trees work better sometimes.
18:44 Tokyo Sox: baseball is one of the things in life that overrides a respectable carbon footprint
18:45 Deanna: I think Naoto is one of three guys we have "home run" in the cheer song for...
18:45 Deanna: ...who didn't actually hit a single home run this year
18:45 Tokyo Sox: if you need a data book, you need a data book
18:45 westbaystars: He grounds the ball to Ortiz at second.
18:45 westbaystars: The throw to first in plenty of time.
18:45 westbaystars: Two down.
18:46 westbaystars: That brings us back to the top of the order in Morimoto.
18:46 westbaystars: The new Shinjo.
18:46 westbaystars: Shin-Shinjo?
18:46 Deanna: hehehe
18:46 Deanna: Hichori has the charisma but not the looks, but that doesn't stop him
18:47 Deanna: is
18:47 Deanna: is Shinjo there in his box again?
18:47 westbaystars: Whew. I was worried I'd be flamed for that one.
18:47 westbaystars: They hadn't shown Shinjo tonight. They did a lot for the first game.
18:48 Tokyo Sox: for the oyaji-gyagu ?
18:48 Deanna: yeah, I saw a brief clip of him on the news. He looked like a rock star
18:48 westbaystars: Morimoto works a base on balls after being in the hole 2 strikes, 1 ball.
18:49 westbaystars: That brings up Tanaka with two down and a runner at first.
18:49 Deanna: man, I should have hunted down Hichori's parents' yakiniku place in Nippori today
18:49 westbaystars: Watanabe pitches out on the first offering.
18:49 westbaystars: Nothing going.
18:50 westbaystars: The next offering is grounded to the left side.
18:50 westbaystars: Tsuyoshi fieds the ball on his way to second, to where he carries it.
18:50 westbaystars: That retires the side.
18:50 westbaystars: After three complete, we're still scoreless.
18:50 westbaystars: ---
18:50 westbaystars: Top of 4th
18:50 westbaystars: ---
18:51 westbaystars: CM time: Get your Fighters goods at
18:52 Deanna: and here I thought I'd just go to Sapporo
18:52 westbaystars: No, they're not sponsoring me.
18:52 westbaystars: But they have shown a lot of Fighters games all season long.
18:52 westbaystars: Hayakawa leads off for the Marines in the fourth.
18:53 westbaystars: Glynn gets ahead of Hayakawa quickly with two strikes.
18:53 Tokyo Sox: while you're buying online goods...
18:53 Tokyo Sox:
18:54 Deanna: man, the problem (for Fighters fans) is that if the Marines win today, Naruse pitches tomorrow, right?
18:54 westbaystars: A pair of waste pitches follows.
18:54 westbaystars: Full count.
18:55 westbaystars: Wouldn't Naruse pitch either way?
18:55 nanbanjin: konbanwa everybody
18:55 Deanna: WHOA nice catch by Naoto
18:55 westbaystars: Inada dives into the camera man's box for an incredible catch!
18:55 nanbanjin: just arrived, how's the game?
18:55 nanbanjin: still scoreless I see
18:55 westbaystars: He flew over the short fence!
18:56 Deanna: the game's still scoreless -- and I think they finally are starting the feed on normal TV
18:56 westbaystars: Knocking over one cameraman in the process.
18:56 Deanna: and well, yes, Naruse pitches either way, but it's more ominous if they are down 2-1
18:56 westbaystars: That brings up Fukuura.
18:56 westbaystars: And he slices the ball to left field, base hit.
18:57 Deanna: man, Naoto really just scored about a million style points
18:57 westbaystars: Ah, lack of confidence vs. Naruse?
18:57 Deanna: oh, the cameraman actually dodged him
18:57 Deanna: they just showed like five replay angles, heh
18:57 Deanna: I love Naruse. I just don't understand why he's so good
18:57 westbaystars: That'll be on the highlight roll on all the channels tonight.
18:58 westbaystars: Saburo now at bat.
18:58 Tokyo Sox: when did Naruse pitch?? just threw yesterday didn't he ?
18:58 Deanna: it better be the play of the week on Megaspo
18:58 Deanna: naruse pitched on the 10th, the last game against the Hawks
18:58 Deanna: pitched a CG shutout, he just does stuff like that
18:58 Tokyo Sox: would they pitch him on such short rest? he didnt follow Shunsuke last time did he?
18:58 westbaystars: Naruse has baffled everyone who has posed the "why" question.
18:58 westbaystars: Saburo lifts the ball to right field.
18:59 westbaystars: Inaba takes a few steps in to make the catch for out number two.
18:59 westbaystars: Satozaki at the plate.
19:00 nanbanjin: It was Kobayashi who pitched for Lotte yesterday
19:01 westbaystars: Satozaki grounds the ball to the left side.
19:01 westbaystars: Well within Kaneko's range. He makes the force at second to retire the side.
19:01 westbaystars: And we remain scoreless.
19:01 westbaystars: ---
19:01 westbaystars: Bottom of 4th
19:01 westbaystars: ---
19:02 Deanna: bizarre. why does the ballboy have "06" instead of "07"?
19:02 Tokyo Sox: ok my bad... so Naruse should have regular rest or close to it
19:03 Tokyo Sox: wow, that means Nichi hamu really needs to take this one
19:03 Deanna: oh, plenty of rest. Bobby planned well
19:03 westbaystars:
19:04 westbaystars: Inaba leads off the bottom of the 4th for the Fighters.
19:04 westbaystars: He hit a double to left-center his last at bat.
19:04 nanbanjin: nice hit!
19:04 westbaystars: And he grounds the ball inside the third base bag up the left side.
19:04 westbaystars: That's going into the corner.
19:04 Deanna: woooo inaba!
19:05 westbaystars: And Inaba has his second double of the evening.
19:05 nanbanjin: man, I'm so jealous of those fans with the blue Hokkaido jersey
19:05 nanbanjin: does anyone know where to get them?
19:05 Deanna: yes. so am I
19:05 Deanna: I only know of them selling in Hokkaido
19:05 Deanna: but I have seen people wearing them around here too
19:05 westbaystars: That brings up Seguignol.
19:06 westbaystars: Didn't we just discuss Fighters goods?
19:07 westbaystars: Did they not have them at ?
19:07 Deanna: you said gaora, but those looked like only the championship goods
19:07 westbaystars: Seguignol goes down swinging.
19:07 westbaystars: One away, runner at second.
19:07 westbaystars: It was championship goods they talked about. Guess not.
19:07 nanbanjin: they don't have them there, or at least I wasn't able to find them
19:07 nanbanjin: only regular uniforms
19:08 Deanna: the blue hokkaido jerseys have been around for most of this year
19:08 westbaystars: Exclusive to their Sapporo shop maybe?
19:08 nanbanjin: Deanna, scroll down the Fighters Gaora page for the regular goods
19:09 Deanna: yeah, i see them now, but still don't see those jerseys
19:09 Deanna: i seriously wonder if i could go to hokkaido for the long weekend i get 11/3-5
19:09 westbaystars: Full count pitch to Takahashi misses inside, ball four.
19:09 westbaystars: That puts runners at first and second with one out.
19:11 westbaystars: Kudoh at the plate.
19:11 westbaystars: Hopping for a 6-7 game Nippon Series?
19:12 westbaystars: Hoping, not hopping.
19:12 Deanna: oh wow
19:12 Tokyo Sox: if the Red Sox make the World Series, i'm going to go home & go to that
19:12 nanbanjin: niiiiiice!
19:12 Tokyo Sox: if they dont, i gotta try to make a Japan Series game
19:12 westbaystars: Kudoh hits a high grounds ball off the plate to the left side.
19:13 Deanna: kudoh bounces the ball up the left side and everyone's safe on bases
19:13 westbaystars: By the time Imae gets to it, Kudoh is head sliding over the first base bag.
19:13 Tokyo Sox: what happened ?
19:13 westbaystars: Everyone's safe!
19:13 westbaystars: The bases are loaded
19:13 Deanna: TS, that's nice, you have a fortune to get tickets with?
19:13 Tokyo Sox: wow, sweet
19:13 Tokyo Sox: 1 down ?
19:13 westbaystars: And former Hanshin Tiger "pretty boy" Tsuboi coming to the plate.
19:13 nanbanjin: I was going to ask how much they cost myself
19:13 westbaystars: One away, yes.
19:14 Tokyo Sox: Deanna yeah, I have a buddy that is a scout for the Sox
19:14 nanbanjin: I've heard Fenway is pretty expensive to go
19:14 westbaystars: Tsuboi fouls the first pitch off of Satozaki.
19:14 Tokyo Sox: he got us tix in 2004, but b/c he works for the team, not allowed to charge us more than face value
19:14 Tokyo Sox: so, $45 bucks to see the Sox clinch in St Louis
19:14 Deanna: oi oi hokkaido, hokkaido oi!
19:14 westbaystars: The next pitch is bounced off the plate - and over Watanabe!
19:15 westbaystars: It's fielded by Tsuyoshi, who doesn't have a play at the plate!
19:15 westbaystars: The only play is to first, the run scores.
19:15 Deanna: now I wonder if I am AHEAD of westbay, since I'm watching channel 12
19:15 westbaystars: The Fighters take a 1-0 lead here in the bottom of the fourth.
19:15 westbaystars: That's two in a row off the plate.
19:15 Deanna: anyay, TS, then, you're lucky. for normal mortals it's not even possible to just go to random Red Sox games most times
19:16 westbaystars: That brings up Kaneko.
19:16 Deanna: oh yeah, in addition to a blue Fighters jersey I need one of those Makoto shinsengumi things
19:16 Tokyo Sox: very lucky to have that kone, yes...
19:16 westbaystars: Runners at second and third, two down.
19:17 nanbanjin: come on Kaneko!
19:17 westbaystars: Channel 12 would be ahead of GAORA. VHF is quicker than satalite is quicker than Internet.
19:18 Deanna: ah. how bizarre. well, at 9pm I will go back to being behind, when the feed cuts out
19:18 westbaystars: But Kaneko goes down swinging at a high pitch over the outside part of the plate.
19:18 westbaystars: That retires the side, but not before the Fighters manage to get a run across.
19:18 westbaystars: At the end of four complete, the Fighters lead this one by a score of 1-0.
19:18 westbaystars: ---
19:19 westbaystars: Top of 5th
19:19 westbaystars: ---
19:19 Tokyo Sox: any run is a huuuuuge run in a game like this.
19:20 Deanna: i feel like i have seen a billion tsuyoshi kusanagi commercials today
19:20 westbaystars: Yes, I see a pitcher's duel through seven.
19:20 westbaystars: Actually, we're in the 5th already? Perhaps longer.
19:21 westbaystars: Ortiz leads off for the Marines.
19:21 nanbanjin: I'm sooo happy my dorm has BS...
19:21 westbaystars: It's mostly infomercials on GAORA. Or sometimes no commercials at all between innings.
19:22 westbaystars: I've flipped to Tokyo MX, so I should be with you now.
19:22 westbaystars: Ortiz grounds out to Inada at third for out number one.
19:22 Deanna: and Ortiz grounds up the left side and Naoto Inada makes the play
19:22 Tokyo Sox: where are you in school nanban ?
19:22 Deanna: dude, we have Katsuya Nomura as color commentary, who do you have?
19:22 westbaystars: Dorm? Exchange student?
19:23 nanbanjin: todai
19:23 westbaystars: It wasn't Nomura.
19:23 nanbanjin: kokuhi ryugakusei, actually
19:23 Tokyo Sox: oh, ganbariya janaika... nice
19:23 westbaystars: Ohmatsu grounds out to Tanaka at second.
19:23 westbaystars: Two quick outs in the fifth.
19:24 Tokyo Sox: i did koukan ryugaku in Nagoya years ago,,, great great experience
19:24 nanbanjin: how many pitches has Glynn thrown?
19:24 nanbanjin: not even 60, I think
19:24 westbaystars: Todai? That trumps my year at Yokohama Kokudai.
19:25 westbaystars: But I didn't need to pass any exams to get in there.
19:25 Deanna: glynn JUST hit 60 pitches
19:25 nanbanjin: entering Todai's daigakuin is not so hard, as a foreigner
19:26 nanbanjin: but it wasn't easy writing those exams in Japanese
19:26 westbaystars: Right, I learned how to actually speak my year as a koukan ryugakusei at Kokudai.
19:26 nanbanjin: I must say
19:26 westbaystars: Full count to Imae.
19:26 Deanna: ...and for the record Shunsuke was up to 67 pitches
19:26 westbaystars: Imae lifts the ball back toward the backstop.
19:26 westbaystars: And the catcher makes a fine play next to the fence to pull it in.
19:27 westbaystars: The Marines are retired in order.
19:27 nanbanjin: Fighters are looking good today
19:27 Tokyo Sox: Glynn being EFFICIENT !
19:27 westbaystars: Going to the bottom of the fifth, the Fighters lead 1-0.
19:27 westbaystars: ---
19:27 westbaystars: Bottom of 5th
19:27 westbaystars: ---
19:28 westbaystars: The last time I saw Glynn pitch he pooped out after 6. Or was it in the 6th?
19:28 westbaystars: Inada leads off with the center field camera bouncing with the crowd.
19:28 nanbanjin: I see Glynn has only a 9-8 record with a 2.21 ERA
19:29 westbaystars: He's swinging at the first pitch.
19:29 nanbanjin: was he very unlucky this year?
19:29 westbaystars: And lifts it to straight away center.
19:29 Deanna: glynn threw 5 innings his last game
19:29 westbaystars: Hayakawa comes in a couple steps to make the catch.
19:29 westbaystars: That brings us back to the top of the order in Morimoto.
19:30 Deanna: hichoriiiiiiii
19:30 westbaystars: Glynn was among the best pitchers in the league.
19:30 Deanna: ...strikes out swinging
19:30 westbaystars: And Hichori goes down swinging on three pitches.
19:30 Deanna: He was the best pitcher in the Central League too
19:31 Deanna: kensuke~~~~~
19:31 nanbanjin: I think I don't know anymore what a good starting pitcher is...
19:31 Deanna: kensuke gets a single!
19:31 westbaystars: Tanaka swings a little late and pokes the ball through the left side.
19:31 nanbanjin: I haven't seen one in too long
19:31 westbaystars: Base hit.
19:32 Deanna: hey, just because the Tigers don't have any starting pitchers doesn't mean the other teams don't
19:32 nanbanjin: ah, the hard life of Hanshin fans
19:32 nanbanjin: I know I know
19:32 westbaystars: That brings up Inaba.
19:32 westbaystars: Swinging at the first pitch,
19:32 westbaystars: Inaba grounds the ball to Ortiz at second.
19:33 Deanna: geez, quick game
19:33 westbaystars: He throws to first for the out, and the side is retired.
19:33 westbaystars: At the end of five complete, the Fighters hold on to a 1-0 lead.
19:33 westbaystars: ---
19:33 westbaystars: Top of 6th
19:34 westbaystars: ---
19:34 nanbanjin: especially compared to some MLB games we have been getting lately
19:35 nanbanjin: yesterday's Indians-Red Sox game seemed to go forever
19:35 westbaystars: I like pitchers who don't waste a bunch of pitches.
19:35 westbaystars: It seems like many in the Central League do that.
19:36 westbaystars: Like Nakata yesterday. He tried to go full count to every batter!
19:36 Deanna: heh, nakata.
19:36 Deanna: nakata had an amazing strikeout rate
19:36 Deanna: ...and an amazing walk rate to go with it
19:37 westbaystars: Glynn has thrown 64 pitches going into this inning. Allowing 3 hits and striking out 2.
19:37 westbaystars: No walks - an important stat.
19:38 westbaystars: Hashimoto leads off the sixth for the Marines.
19:38 westbaystars: He had a base hit his last at bat.
19:38 Deanna: hashimoto hits the ball up in the air and it's an easy fly ball to left
19:38 westbaystars: And is swinging at the first pitch.
19:38 westbaystars: Lifts the ball to left, where Kudoh has him played well to take in the ball four out number one.
19:38 westbaystars: One pitch, one out.
19:39 westbaystars: Glynn really does have it easy in that regard.
19:39 westbaystars: That brings us to the top of the order in Tsuyoshi.
19:39 Deanna: Nishioka singles up the middle.
19:39 westbaystars: The first pitch is swung on and ripped into center field.
19:40 westbaystars: Just right of the second base bag.
19:40 westbaystars: One out base runner is aboard.
19:40 Deanna: ...the announcer's like "Nishio- errrr, Tsuyoshi-senshu wa..."
19:41 westbaystars: I noticed that on Nikkan Sports' score card they have him as Nishioka.
19:41 westbaystars:
19:41 westbaystars: At TBS they tend to have him as TSUYOSHI.
19:41 nanbanjin: mazui...
19:41 westbaystars: Back to back base hits.
19:41 Deanna: I always write him down as Nishioka on my scorecards, but I'm just being pedantic.
19:41 westbaystars: With one out.
19:41 Tokyo Sox: ...and to conclude, Deanna, that's why I feel the draft is a good idea
19:41 Deanna: I used to also write down Saburo as "Ohmura" in kanji, until I got lazy
19:42 westbaystars: He, he. Let's keep thing civil.
19:42 westbaystars: I didn't know Saburo's last name was Ohmura for the longest time.
19:42 Deanna: I have to give Marines fans credit for singing in tune, even if most of their song lyrics are sort of dumb
19:43 nanbanjin: Fukuura's oenka is kinda scary
19:43 Deanna: "utte fukuraaaaaaaa"
19:43 westbaystars: I saw an account that mentioned Ohmura and thought, "didn't Saburo hit that?"
19:43 Christopher: My Tigers friends describe them as warmed over football lyrics
19:43 Deanna: heh
19:43 Deanna: I used to refer to Teppei as Tsuchiya too, until that got confusing
19:44 westbaystars: They do sound a lot like the soccer oenka.
19:44 westbaystars: And Satozaki is denied ball four outside, called strike two. Full count.
19:44 nanbanjin: full count...
19:45 westbaystars: Sorry, not Satozaki.
19:45 westbaystars: Fukuura.
19:45 Deanna: ...and Fukuura flies out to left, the ball caught just inside foul territory
19:45 westbaystars: The next pitch is lifted to left for out number two.
19:45 Deanna: and now, speaking of Ohmura Saburo...
19:46 westbaystars: Right, now it's Saburo.
19:46 westbaystars: Glynn walks toward second, forcing Tsuyoshi to return to the bag.
19:47 westbaystars: Looks like he's got some words to say to Tsuyoshi.
19:47 Deanna: Hayakawa is really twitchy
19:47 westbaystars: Two down, runners at first and second.
19:48 westbaystars: The announcers say that Glynn had 7 balks called against him, so he's making sure not to, but get Tsuyoshi to hold.
19:48 Deanna: WHOA nice catch by Inaba!
19:48 westbaystars: Broken bat looper toward right.
19:48 nanbanjin: yeah!
19:48 westbaystars: And Inaba comes in to make a nice grab on the run.
19:48 westbaystars: Three out.
19:49 westbaystars: Glynn survives the first threat of the evening.
19:49 westbaystars: And hold on to a 1-0 lead.
19:49 westbaystars: ---
19:49 westbaystars: Bottom of 6th
19:49 westbaystars: ---
19:50 westbaystars: Shunsuke has thrown 76 pitches so far. Allowed 4 hits, struck out 3, walked 2, and given up 1 run.
19:51 westbaystars: 0 for 9 Seguignol leads off for the Fighters.
19:51 westbaystars: He's due.
19:51 Deanna: [waves bananas]
19:51 westbaystars: But it's not meant to be.
19:51 westbaystars: Seguignol grounds the ball over the second base bag.
19:51 nanbanjin: not this time
19:52 westbaystars: But Tsuyoshi had him shaded that way, fields the ball, and throws him out.
19:52 westbaystars: One away.
19:52 Deanna: cmon Shinji!
19:52 westbaystars: That brings up 0 for 4 Takahashi.
19:52 westbaystars: Getting the start behind the plate again tonight.
19:53 westbaystars: What happened to Tsuruoka?
19:53 Deanna: ...well, because Tsuruoka has sucked with the bat this year
19:53 Deanna: he was hitting under .200 last I checked
19:53 westbaystars: Takahashi lifts the ball high to center.
19:53 Deanna: and was yet another one of our players with "home run" in his cheer songs and no home runs to his name
19:53 nanbanjin: do you guys think Glynn will come back for the 7th?
19:53 westbaystars: And Hayakawa camps under it to take it in for out number two.
19:53 Deanna: i mean, he's no sanematsu, but he's been pretty bad
19:54 westbaystars: That brings up left fielder Kudoh.
19:54 Christopher: Don't worry - we sometimes do 'home run' Akahoshi
19:54 Deanna: do you do "home run" Hiyama?
19:54 nanbanjin: Tsuruoka's avg was .203 according to Yahoo!
19:54 Deanna: sorry, sorry, that was uncalled for
19:55 Christopher: Yes we do - all the time and sometimes it happens
19:55 Deanna: dang
19:55 Deanna: I really like Kudoh, but that was a messy swinging strikeout
19:55 westbaystars: Kudoh goes down swinging on a 2-2 pitch.
19:55 westbaystars: And the Fighters are retired in order yet again.
19:55 nanbanjin: Be careful what you say, Deanna
19:55 westbaystars: After 6 complete, the Fighters continue to lead by a score of 1-0.
19:55 Deanna: heheh, they just showed Naoto Inada's camera-box catch again!
19:55 westbaystars: ---
19:55 westbaystars: Top of 7th
19:55 nanbanjin: have you forgotten your Imaoka day in Yokohama?
19:55 westbaystars: ---
19:55 nanbanjin:
19:56 Deanna: nanbanjin -- yes, I know, no more making fun of Hiyama, I promised
19:56 nanbanjin: ok, here's Glynn
19:56 nanbanjin: 80 pitches thrown
19:56 Deanna: yeah, Imaoka got me back for that one
19:56 Deanna: i promised not to make fun of Satoru Kanemura anymore either and I haven't in a year
19:57 westbaystars: He only threw 6 in the 3rd?
19:57 Christopher: Imaoka - yattera dekiru yan ka
19:57 westbaystars: The Marines really helped him out there.
19:57 Christopher: Imaoka - see what you can do if you try
19:57 westbaystars: Take over the play by play for me, will you Deanna.
19:57 westbaystars: I need to take a short break.
19:57 Deanna: err... I have to pay attention now?
19:57 Deanna: just kidding
19:58 Deanna: Satozaki pops the ball way up in the air and Kensuke Tanaka makes the catch by second.
19:59 Deanna: Jose Ortiz grounds to third, Inada charging in to make the play. Two down.
20:01 Deanna: wow, that is really one tiny Marines cheering section
20:02 Deanna: (tiny... but loud)
20:03 Christopher: oops - dead ball
20:03 Deanna: yikes, Imae just got hit by a pitch
20:03 nanbanjin: beanball?
20:03 Deanna: on his hip, that's gonna leave a bruise
20:05 nanbanjin: look at them Marines fans jumping
20:06 Deanna: I was just thinking that
20:06 nanbanjin: oshii, that ball - I thought it was a strike
20:06 Deanna: oh, did I not mention Ohmatsu walked after Ortiz but before Imae? Oops
20:06 Christopher: Someone plugged them in
20:06 nanbanjin: I'm liking Kudo more and more today
20:06 Deanna: Hashimoto hits the ball way out to left and there's a DAMN nice catch by Kudoh
20:06 Deanna: and Glynn walks off the field with his arm around Shinji Takahashi, heh
20:06 nanbanjin: plus he wears high socks, which is so cool
20:07 nanbanjin: they should be compulsory
20:07 Deanna: YES
20:07 Deanna: totally.
20:07 Deanna: tsuboi and kudoh wear them
20:08 Christopher: Hoshino used to look good in them as well
20:08 Deanna: see, everyone thinks chicks dig Munerin because he's cute, but it's really the high socks
20:10 Deanna: ---- bottom of 7th ---
20:10 Deanna: Tsuboi lofts one up the left side and Imae catches it in foul territory. One down
20:10 Deanna: dude, it's SO cool that Kaneko comes out to "Bad Day"
20:11 Tokyo Sox: as in "you had a bad day, you're takin one down..."
20:11 Tokyo Sox: daniel powter?
20:12 Deanna: yes that one
20:12 Tokyo Sox: that bad day ?
20:12 Tokyo Sox: cool. what would you choose if you were a ballplayer?
20:12 Tokyo Sox: for your intro tune ?
20:12 Deanna: he did last year too, but i forgot again
20:13 Deanna: uh, i dunno
20:13 Deanna: what would you choose?
20:13 Tokyo Sox: dunno, something to convey my badassedness (if i were, you know, a bad ass hitter)...
20:13 Deanna: Kaneko strikes out swinging. Two down
20:14 Christopher: Lily the Pink?
20:14 Tokyo Sox: jay-z or something maybe
20:14 Deanna: I always thought that Arakaki of the Hawks should come out to "Nagisa" by Spitz
20:14 Tokyo Sox: yeah christopher
20:14 Deanna: but I am weird
20:14 Deanna: yes, thank you announcers for reminding us that we used to have Ogasawara at third
20:14 Tokyo Sox: or, that crocodile song "scnhii shcnai shcnappi..."
20:15 Deanna: ....but then Naoto hits a fair ball into the leftfield corner and that's a DOUBLE!!
20:15 nanbanjin: yeeeeeah!
20:16 westbaystars: Back for Morimoto's at bat.
20:16 westbaystars: Daughter needed help finding information to make a chart of typhoons for the past couple of years.
20:17 westbaystars: So, runner at second, two down.
20:17 Deanna: dude
20:17 westbaystars: And Morimoto hits the ball one bounce to the wall!
20:17 Deanna: DUDE! hichori hits a double to center!!!!
20:17 westbaystars: Kaneko scores easilly from second.
20:17 westbaystars: Fighters go up 2-0.
20:17 Deanna: Inada scores, you mean, but yes
20:17 nanbanjin: these runs allowed with 2-out really kill you
20:18 Deanna: Oi, oi, Hokkaido, Hokkaido oi!
20:18 westbaystars: That was in straight away center.
20:18 westbaystars: Hayakawa was playing way too far in. Protecting against a grounder up the middle?
20:18 westbaystars: Watanabe is done for the night.
20:18 westbaystars: He walks calmly toward the first base dugout.
20:19 westbaystars: Fields a few half hearted high fives.
20:19 westbaystars: As Fujita heads out to the mound.
20:19 westbaystars: Was that Inada on second? I missed that part. Assumed it was Kaneko.
20:19 westbaystars: My bad.
20:19 nanbanjin: (in Cartman's voice) Nana, nananana, nanana, goodbye Shunsuke!
20:21 westbaystars: First pitch by Fujita to Tanaka misses high and tight, ball one.
20:21 Tokyo Sox: if we're using Cartman's voice, Inada to Shunsuke: Screw you guys, I'm running home!
20:21 nanbanjin: saaaafe!
20:21 westbaystars: And Fujita strokes teh ball to center field.
20:21 westbaystars: Morimoto doesn't know the meaning of "play it safe" and heads for home.
20:21 westbaystars: THe throw is in time.
20:22 westbaystars: But the ball rolls out of Satozaki's glove after applying the tag.
20:22 westbaystars: Safe.
20:22 nanbanjin: atta boy, Hichori
20:22 westbaystars: Replay looked like the throw was a little up the third base line.
20:22 Deanna: heh I went afk for one minute and Hichori does something AWESOME
20:22 westbaystars: That allowed Hichori through.
20:22 Tokyo Sox: wow, 3-0 ?
20:22 westbaystars: Fighters up 3-0.
20:22 westbaystars: Inaba at the plate.
20:23 nanbanjin: whatch that camera jump!
20:23 nanbanjin: Inaba jump, indeed
20:23 Deanna: it looked to me like Hichori dodged Satozaki and rolled in to tag the plate with his hand on the way by, but yeah
20:23 westbaystars: And the center field camera is unusable.
20:23 Deanna: what happened to the camera?
20:24 Deanna: poor Shunsuke. he really is my favorite Marines pitcher, but... yeah.
20:24 westbaystars: It bounced too much. Not broken. But I think the TV producers fear making their audience sick.
20:25 Deanna: and Inaba gets a hit through to right
20:25 nanbanjin: the flood gates are open!
20:25 Deanna: Kensuke scoring the run on the play!
20:25 westbaystars: The next batter hits the ball through the right side.
20:25 westbaystars: The throw home has no chance at all to get Tanaka.
20:25 westbaystars: But it's not cut off.
20:25 westbaystars: That allows Inaba to go to second.
20:26 John: darn what did I miss
20:26 nanbanjin: Kubo on the mound
20:26 westbaystars: Kubo is announced as the next pitcher.
20:26 westbaystars: Fujita failed to put out the fire.
20:26 Deanna: ...and Fujita's gonna go take a spot on the bench next to Shunsuke
20:26 nanbanjin: Nana, nananana, heyheyhey goodbye Fujita!
20:26 westbaystars: Inaba is 3 for 4 with a pair of doubles. This one being a single, moving to second on the throw home.
20:27 Tokyo Sox: so... this game is over, Naruse will win the next one... will Darvish then pitch Game 5 ?
20:27 Deanna: Inaba says: "I have recently figured out that I cannot be a Japan Series MVP if we don't get there."
20:27 Deanna: "I must do something about this."
20:28 westbaystars: After two strike outs to start off the bottom of the 7th, back to back doubles and back to back singles (each with ...
20:28 Tokyo Sox: haha, nice
20:28 Deanna: yeah, Darvish is game 5 I think
20:28 Deanna: Two outs? So what?
20:28 westbaystars: ... the runner taking second on the throw home) has put the Fighters up 4-0.
20:29 westbaystars: That brings up Seguignol.
20:29 Deanna: FINALLY
20:29 Deanna: Seggy gets a HIT!
20:29 westbaystars: He lines the first pitch to right for a base hit.
20:29 westbaystars: He was due.
20:29 nanbanjin: and after ten tries...
20:29 Deanna: [waves bananas]
20:29 westbaystars: And he'll be taken out for a pinch runner.
20:30 Deanna: Shinji Takahashi hit in the same place Imae was
20:30 westbaystars: Takahashi is hit by Kubo's first pitch.
20:30 nanbanjin: another hbp?
20:30 westbaystars: Runners now at first and second, two down.
20:30 westbaystars: Kudoh follows.
20:30 Deanna: Kubo pitching to Kudoh
20:31 westbaystars: Batter number 9 in the bottom of the 7th.
20:31 Deanna: heh, they're doing the wasshoi chance music. I thought we gave up on that, heh
20:31 westbaystars: Glad I'm not announcing.
20:31 Christopher: bases loaded surely
20:31 westbaystars: He hits the ball to the right-center field gap.
20:31 Deanna: btw that's Iiyama pinch-running for Seguignol
20:31 nanbanjin: and nothing can stop the Fighters now...
20:31 Deanna: ....and Kudoh hits a triple
20:32 westbaystars: One run in. Two runs in. And the bases are cleared with a triple.
20:32 Deanna: as Inaba, Shinji, and Iiyama all score
20:32 Deanna: It's the high socks
20:32 nanbanjin: six hits in a row is it?
20:32 westbaystars: Fighters go up 7-0.
20:32 Tokyo Sox: uuuuuuuWOOOWWWW.... ballgame
20:32 westbaystars: Pitchers' duel until the two outs in the bottom of the 7th.
20:32 nanbanjin: high socks rock
20:32 Tokyo Sox: ok i gotta run to dinner. peace out. thanks to all for the updates
20:33 westbaystars: Then the Fighters broke it open with 6 hits sandwitching a hit batter.
20:33 nanbanjin: good luck for your Sox tomorrow with Matsuzaka
20:33 Deanna: have a good evening
20:33 westbaystars: Now it's Tsuboi who led off the inning striking out.
20:35 westbaystars: Tsuboi lays off a high and away pitch to bring the count even at 2-2.
20:35 Deanna: aw, tsuboi
20:35 westbaystars: The next offering is grounded to Fukuura at first.
20:35 westbaystars: Three outs.
20:35 nanbanjin: and finally the inning is over
20:35 westbaystars: But not before the Fighters strike back with 6 runs on 6 hits.
20:35 westbaystars: All after two outs.
20:35 westbaystars: At the end of seven complete, the Fighters take a commanding 7-0 lead.
20:36 westbaystars: ---
20:36 westbaystars: Top of 8th
20:36 westbaystars: ---
20:36 Deanna: I really need to find a place that can change the letters/numbers on a jersey. I have no sewing stuff
20:37 nanbanjin: and in trots Takeda Hisashi
20:37 nanbanjin: who do you want to sew on your jersey, Deanna?
20:37 Deanna: hisashiiiiiii
20:38 Deanna: I dunno, but I feel too sad wearing my Ogasawara #2. maybe "Kensuke #3" or "Hichori #1"
20:38 westbaystars: Nakajima takes over behind the plate.
20:38 westbaystars: Inada goes to first.
20:38 westbaystars: Iiyama comes in at third.
20:39 westbaystars: Top of the Marines' order in Tsuyoshi leading off.
20:39 Deanna: Nishioka leads off with a hit to left
20:39 westbaystars: And he lines the first pitch to left for a base hit.
20:39 westbaystars: Marines not giving up yet.
20:40 westbaystars: That brings up Hayakawa, who had a hit his last time at bat.
20:40 westbaystars: Nakajima is in his 20th year in NPB.
20:41 westbaystars: 大ベタラン
20:41 Deanna: yeah. he's actually a coach/player I think
20:42 Christopher: why not retire the jersey and buy a new one?
20:42 westbaystars: Hayakawa fouls off a 2 strike, 1 ball pitch to stay alive.
20:42 westbaystars: The next offering is grounded to Inada at first.
20:42 westbaystars: He throws to second for the force.
20:42 Deanna: because it cost 9000 yen and I don't really want that to go to waste.
20:42 westbaystars: No throw back.
20:42 westbaystars: One out, runner at first.
20:42 nanbanjin: yeah, they are expensive!
20:43 Deanna: hm, i wonder how weird a "Takeda 2138" jersey would look
20:43 Christopher: Yes that is a bit pricey to dump
20:43 nanbanjin: I wonder why they are so expensive, since other teams you can get for 3,000-5,000 yen
20:43 westbaystars: That brings up Fukuura, 2 for 3 tonight.
20:43 Deanna: because this is a nicer replica, not a "Fan supporter" jersey
20:44 Deanna: my chunichi jersey only cost 4000 or so, but it doesn't have nice lettering and all
20:44 westbaystars: Cover both Takeda's with a single jersey? Great idea.
20:44 Christopher: I remember Mijow explaining that there were different grades which all had different prices
20:44 westbaystars: And Takeda gets Fukuura looking at strike three on three pitches.
20:44 nanbanjin: they don't have fan supporter ones, then?
20:44 westbaystars: Two down, runner at first.
20:45 Deanna: DAMN Kensuke!
20:45 nanbanjin: great catch!
20:45 westbaystars: A nice diving stab by Tanaka at second on the low line drive by Saburo.
20:45 westbaystars: Not low.
20:45 Deanna: that's probly the #2 or #3 play of the night. #1 still being Naoto vs. the Cameraman
20:46 westbaystars: That's the second super diving play of the night.
20:46 westbaystars: Marines down to three outs.
20:46 westbaystars: Naruse vs. Sweeny being displayed for tomorrow.
20:46 westbaystars: Darvish vs. Ono on the 18th (if it goes that long).
20:46 Deanna: ooooo.
20:47 nanbanjin: and they are projecting Ono to go against Darvish for a possible game 5
20:47 Deanna: [sings "You can be my Shingo Ono"]
20:47 westbaystars: ---
20:47 westbaystars: Bottom of 8th
20:47 westbaystars: ---
20:47 Christopher: Goodnight all - a nice result
20:47 westbaystars: Working on another musical?
20:48 westbaystars: Take care, Christopher.
20:48 westbaystars: Ogino comes on to pitch for Lotte.
20:49 Deanna: no, but there's a song by BNL called "You can be my Yoko Ono", so I think it'd go well
20:49 westbaystars: Kaneko takes the first pitch over the outside corner for a called strike one.
20:49 Deanna: [holds up Shinsengumi flag]
20:49 Deanna: nerai wa makoto, zekkokyu...
20:49 nanbanjin: good night, fellow torakichi
20:50 westbaystars: 2-2 offering, and Kaneko can't hold up on the low pitch over the outside part of the plate.
20:50 westbaystars: Strike out. One away.
20:51 Deanna: uhhh, it sounded like they just called the commentary "Nomurascope"
20:51 Deanna: I had to hear that wrong
20:51 westbaystars: That brings up Inada, who got things going in the 7th.
20:51 Deanna: OH! the CF camera is shaking under all the people doing the Inada jump
20:52 westbaystars: Inada hits the ball through the right side of the infield, base hit.
20:52 westbaystars: That's the Fighters' 11th hit of the game.
20:53 westbaystars: And brings us back to the top of the order in Morimoto.
20:53 westbaystars: I thought it was the Inaba Jump? How is the Inada Jump different?
20:54 westbaystars: Hichori takes the sinside pitch to center field.
20:54 westbaystars: A blooping base hit.
20:54 Deanna: inaba doesn't have a jump
20:54 Deanna: inada's cheer is just jumping up and down singing "lalala home run naoto"
20:54 westbaystars: Runners at first and second, one out.
20:54 Deanna: you know, chiba-fan style
20:55 westbaystars: Yea, I'm familar with that one. Benny.
20:55 westbaystars: Tanaka comes up next.
20:56 Deanna: kensuke!!!!
20:56 westbaystars: Tanaka grounds the ball through the right side, base hit!
20:56 westbaystars: The runner, not Hichori, holds at third.
20:57 westbaystars: Bases loaded, one away.
20:57 Deanna: inaba's at-bat music is "i was born to love you" by Queen, which also rules
20:57 westbaystars: And Inaba coming to the plate.
20:57 westbaystars: The fans are starting their jump.
20:57 Deanna: not quite as much as Kenichi Nakata using "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen, but... still rules.
20:57 westbaystars: Inaba, 5 for 10 in the Series, 3 for 4 today.
20:57 Deanna: that's not inaba's jump, that's the cheer music
20:57 Deanna: err, chance music
20:57 westbaystars: And the center field camera starts bouncing out of control.
20:58 Deanna: ok, and that's the normal inaba music, with no jump
20:58 nanbanjin: very cool chance march you guys have
20:58 Deanna: basically, sometimes they start Inaba's at-bat with the chance music fanfare
20:58 westbaystars: The announcers I'm listening to keep calling it the Inaba Jump.
20:58 Deanna: but inaba doesn't have a jump. honest.
20:59 westbaystars: Inaba, though, lifts the ball to shallow left field.
20:59 westbaystars: That's not deep enough this time.
20:59 Deanna: well, they're wrong
20:59 Deanna: I am guessing I have been in the oendan for many more Fighters games than they have
20:59 westbaystars: That brings up Iiyama for the first time tonight.
20:59 nanbanjin: what's that song Iiyama comes out to?
21:00 westbaystars: He came in to pinch run for Seguignol an inning before and stayed in the game at third.
21:00 nanbanjin: sounds familiar
21:00 westbaystars: Bases loaded, two down.
21:01 westbaystars: Count now 2 and 2.
21:01 westbaystars: Full count.
21:02 westbaystars: Shoubu pitch grounded to Tsuyoshi at short.
21:02 Deanna: iiyama comes out to something by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi. sorry, I had to switch back to Yahoo Douga
21:02 westbaystars: The throw to first is in time, and the side is retired without incident.
21:02 Deanna: not too happy about it
21:02 westbaystars: ---
21:02 westbaystars: Top of 9th
21:02 westbaystars: ---
21:02 westbaystars: Lotte are down to their final three outs, down by 7.
21:03 Deanna: i'm surprised the TV stations cut off even a playoff game at 9pm
21:03 westbaystars: Scoring a run here could carry them over to tomorrow.
21:03 westbaystars: I just realized that I was watching NHK BS1, not Tokyo MX.
21:04 westbaystars: When did I do that?
21:04 westbaystars: That's why the announcers were so different.
21:04 nanbanjin: Thanks Deanna. I found out it's a song called 勇次
21:04 westbaystars: Micheal [sic] takes the mound.
21:04 westbaystars: Usually it's 9:24.
21:05 westbaystars: A big wave going around Sapporo Dome tonight.
21:05 westbaystars: Looks like they know how to do it better than the Nagoya crowd last night.
21:06 westbaystars: They stop the wave as the pitcher gets the ball to start play.
21:06 westbaystars: And the announcers say that the fans have good manners.
21:06 westbaystars: Micheal's first pitch misses for ball one.
21:06 westbaystars: Satozaki at the plate.
21:06 westbaystars: Second offering misses low.
21:06 westbaystars: Konta comes into the game in the outfield.
21:07 westbaystars: Third offering, a ball low and away, is swung on and fouled off to the third base side.
21:07 westbaystars: 1 strike, 2 balls.
21:07 westbaystars: Fourth offering catches the inside part of the plate. 2 and 2.
21:07 Shinigami: morning
21:07 westbaystars: Fifth offering fouled to the first base coach.
21:08 Shinigami: the game seems pretty much over eh?
21:08 westbaystars: Lotte down 7-0, top of the 9th.
21:08 westbaystars: Micheal's sixth offering is down the middle, taken for strike three.
21:08 nanbanjin: minogashi sanshin, ato futari
21:08 westbaystars: Lotte down to their final two outs.
21:08 westbaystars: That brings up Ortiz.
21:09 westbaystars: 0 for 3 so far tonight.
21:09 Shinigami: it sucks this year bcoz we cant see anything outside japan
21:09 westbaystars: Takes a called strike one on the outside corner.
21:09 Shinigami: last year at least we had up to the PL 2nd rd playoff
21:09 westbaystars: Second offering misses inside, 1 and 1.
21:09 westbaystars: The world will eventually open up again.
21:09 westbaystars: Swing and miss, strike two.
21:10 westbaystars: Micheal's fourth offering is grounded to the left side.
21:10 westbaystars: Third baseman up with it, throws across the diamond for out number two.
21:10 nanbanjin: ato hitori ato hitori
21:10 westbaystars: 後一人。
21:10 Shinigami: ya, hopefully soon
21:10 Shinigami: anyways, seems like it's all over, i am heading off to work
21:10 Shinigami: mata ne minna!
21:11 Deanna: that's ok, last year i at least didn't have to work during all of the playoff games
21:11 westbaystars: First pitch to Ohmatsu misses low.
21:11 Deanna: mm, ok, so i am caught up to the ato hitori point
21:11 westbaystars: As does the second pitch. No strikes, 2 balls.
21:11 westbaystars: Next pitch misses low and inside. 0 - 3.
21:12 nanbanjin: strike
21:12 westbaystars: The fourth offering at the knees, just outside of center. Strike one.
21:12 westbaystars: Next pitch hits Ohmatsu on the right knee.
21:12 westbaystars: Or just below the knee.
21:12 nanbanjin: another hbp!
21:12 westbaystars: Runner at first, two down.
21:13 westbaystars: Watson is announced at the pinch hitter.
21:13 Deanna: yikes
21:13 westbaystars: Pitch called strike one on the inside corner.
21:13 westbaystars: Second offering, swung on a little late.
21:14 westbaystars: Manages to get a piece of it, fouling it back.
21:14 westbaystars: Two quick strikes on the pinch hitter.
21:14 nanbanjin: and...
21:14 westbaystars: Micheal's next offering, swung on and missed!
21:14 westbaystars: Srike three.
21:14 westbaystars: And the game is over.
21:14 nanbanjin: 試合終了!
21:14 westbaystars: The Fighters come back to deafeat the Marines 7-0, after the 8-1 loss last night.
21:15 westbaystars: And that puts the Fighters in reach for the Nippon Series, 2 games to 1.
21:15 Deanna: ...and that's it
21:15 westbaystars: Who are the heros of this one?
21:15 westbaystars: Glynn and ???
21:15 Deanna: kensuke?
21:15 Deanna: glynn?
21:16 Deanna: wait, who had that first RBI?
21:16 nanbanjin: Glynn and Inada
21:16 westbaystars: Glynn and Indata, it looks like.
21:17 Deanna: inada vs. the cameraman!
21:17 Deanna: yay naoto
21:17 westbaystars: 95 pitches through 7 innings.
21:17 westbaystars: Glynn gives credit to Inada's defense.
21:18 Deanna: go glynn! bust out that japanese
21:18 nanbanjin: he has praised Inada for his play
21:18 Deanna: yup
21:18 nanbanjin: amidst the usual "win one game at a time" stuff
21:19 nanbanjin: and now he thanks the fans for helping him out in the 6th and 7th
21:19 westbaystars: Now he gives the fans credit for support behind him when he got into trouble.
21:19 westbaystars: Lotte's 26th player helping the Fighters tonight?
21:20 nanbanjin: now they move to Inada
21:20 nanbanjin: huge grin!
21:20 nanbanjin: inoshishi no yo ni tori ni ikimashita
21:20 nanbanjin: he said
21:20 westbaystars: He saw the ball in the fourth as food and went after it like a wild boar.
21:20 nanbanjin: he charged like a wild boar (?)
21:21 nanbanjin: now they call him mr. october
21:21 Deanna: it's still the year of the inoshishi isn't it?
21:21 zman: golden pig this year
21:21 westbaystars: Pull out 年賀状
21:22 nanbanjin: it's kinda sad the silence after Glynn says "you are the best fans in the world"
21:22 westbaystars: Yes.
21:22 nanbanjin: because they have to wait for the translation
21:22 westbaystars: Yes to year of the boar.
21:22 westbaystars: And yes to the silence following his speach.
21:23 Deanna: naotooooooo
21:23 nanbanjin: I bet after a couple of hero interviews
21:23 nanbanjin: the interpreter would know already what to say
21:23 nanbanjin: they should let him do it straight in Japanese
21:23 nanbanjin:
21:24 nanbanjin: translators are also heroes
21:24 nanbanjin: :-P
21:24 Deanna: susume fightaaaaaaazu
21:24 westbaystars: It's a tough job.
21:25 Deanna: shouri no otoko susume faitaaaaaazu, sawayaka ni
21:25 westbaystars: I often catch what they miss. But I'm sure I couldn't do any better.
21:25 Deanna: yeah, that's why i think it's great that last year hillman just said a bunch of things in japanese
21:25 Deanna: even thought it sounded funny with his texas accent
21:25 Deanna: "hokkaido no minna-san wa sekai ichiban" is still unmistakable
21:26 Mike: Glynn finally got some run support
21:26 westbaystars: Bobby did the same after the Marines defeated the Hawks a few days ago.
21:26 westbaystars: He ignored the questions and said what he wanted to in Japanese.
21:27 nanbanjin: much better, I think
21:27 nanbanjin: after all, the point is to interact with the fans, isn't it?
21:28 westbaystars: Wow! I just saw Kudoh's catch in the 7th. (The inning I missed the top of.)
21:28 westbaystars: I didn't realize how big a pinch Glynn was in then.
21:28 westbaystars: Yea. And despite what New Yorkers think of Valentine-kantoku, he's a fan pleaser.
21:29 westbaystars: A showman.
21:29 westbaystars: Sweeny vs. Ono has been announced as tomorrow's starters!
21:29 westbaystars: Not Naruse.
21:29 Deanna: New Yorkers also ran Kazuo Matsui out of town and look what happened then
21:29 Deanna: oh, interesting.
21:31 westbaystars: Well, looks like the conversation is running down.
21:32 westbaystars: I'll close this and post it.
21:32 westbaystars: Good night/day all.
21:32 Deanna: heh
21:32 westbaystars: Meet here again tomorrow?
21:32 Deanna: have fun the rest of the week, I probly won't be in the chats much
21:32 nanbanjin: what? they're not going to pitch Naruse?
21:33 Deanna: I'll probly drop in for a minute here and there to find out what's going on with the game
21:33 Deanna: yeah, I am surprised too. they need to win tomorrow
21:33 westbaystars: That's what the annoucement said.
21:33 Deanna: though if they manage to win tomorrow, they need to win the next day too
21:33 Deanna: and that's where darvish vs. naruse comes in I suppose
21:34 nanbanjin: if Ono loses tomorrow a lot of people are going to want Valentine's head, I bet
21:34 westbaystars: That's as good an explanation I can come up with.
21:35 westbaystars: Nah. They'll still love Valentine. Some things just can't be helps. The better team won.
21:36 nanbanjin: let's see then
21:36 nanbanjin: I'll come home late tomorrow, but I hope to catch at least the last innings
21:36 nanbanjin: see you guys, g'night
21:37 Deanna: byebye
21:37 westbaystars: Good night.

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