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FILLING IN THE GAPS ... Yoshinobu Yamamoto home debut 3/31

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FILLING IN THE GAPS ... Yoshinobu Yamamoto home debut 3/31

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March 31, following Dodgers 6-5 loss to Cardinals in 10 innings

The first question was about bouncing back in his first home start after his one-inning major league debut in South Korea.
“I was pretty bad in my previous outing, so I was just able to calmly fix what I needed to and things are starting to slowly feel better, so I went to the mound with confidence [today],” Yamamoto said.

Said Yamamoto when asked about pitching for the first time at Dodger Stadium: “I heard the cheers and it felt good to be out there pitching.”

He was asked about the biggest adjustments he had to make after losing his debut.
“I didn’t really make any big changes, I think I was just more relaxed and able to pitch my game.”

A reporter inquired about all the instability in the schedule and various venues early on this season, but that became a question about specific adjustments he has made in the face of all the fluctuation.
“I had to get over the jet lag, and that was the No. 1 thing,” Yamamoto said. “I just had to get my sleep, and as far as my training plan, it was the same as usual. I think that led to my pitching performance today.”

When asked how much it eased his mind to have a game like he did, Yamamoto admitted he was able to breathe easier.
“There was a little bit of a relief, and I want to go out next time and pitch well and keep working in practice to be consistent.”

The final question was specifically about the offense and how it pushed the game to extra innings, but the question in Japanese was about the game in general.
“I go out with the same approach every game – to try and win,” he said.

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