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Moscoso, BayStars and more -- 4-18 …

Baseball news from Japan and Asia

Moscoso, BayStars and more -- 4-18 …

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Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast -- 4-18 …

Vol. 6.11, John E. Gibson and Jim Allen discuss a chat with Guillermo Moscoso of DeNA, chat about the BayStars, debate a recent home-plate collision play, discuss the Japanese god of walks Yuki Yanagita, notes and answer a great #HighHeat question.

Look for us on iTunes, search for Japan Baseball Weekly and subscribe for automatic downloads.

Please email the show at

We want to invite you to send us your comments and questions via MP3 file so we can play them on the show. If you have an IC recorder, or the latest version of FIREFOX there’s an “online radio recorder” that you can use to record your message and easily transfer the file via email. If neither of those work for you, there’s a free software call WavePad Sound Editor that you can download and use to record your file.

Please keep the questions to less than one minute and we’ll play it on the show and address the issues you present….. We look forward to your MP3s!!

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