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Bye bye Climax series

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Bye bye Climax series

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Tigers cannot realistically reach the Climax Series now. The error ridden loss to the Giants put paid to that hope and the home team lost 4-2. What was also interesting was that the crowd was 36,231. This never happens in a Tigers/Giants game at Koshien. Tickets were always like gold dust and it is an indicator of how disillusioned fans are with Kanemoto's inept management and his team's performance. Sakamoto had again to be replaced behind the plate and the wonder is why he is persevered with. Better a motivated Haraguchi who will at least drive in runs and holds the No. 5 spot on merit. Tigers scoring was courtesy of Takayama and Fukudome both who had RBI singles. Two of Giants runs came directly from Tigers errors but let us hope the team has now got that out of their system and can do better in the two upcoming games.
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