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The steamroller begins to change direction

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The steamroller begins to change direction

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The Kanemoto regime is slowly gathering momentum with some considered and not so considered decisions. Kataoka as rumoured has returned as a batting coach and Tigers have a new president - Yotsufuji.
Kanemoto thought that it might be a good idea to use Imanari as an emergency catcher. This idea suggests a lack of touch with reality as the major feature about Imanari as a catcher was that he wasn't any good and Tigers rapidly abandoned using him in that way once they found that out. Furthermore one wonders how this suggestion crept in given that Tigers have, Umeno, Tsuruoka, Shimizu and Komiyama who are all genuine catchers and considerabley more experiences than he his. Imanari does well as a utility infielder and should continue in that role.
Kyuji Fujikawa has rejoined Tigers for a two year contract. This is very much based on his previous record with Tigers and not on anything he did as an MLB player. Of course as a favoured son he was always going to be welcomed back into the fold but one questions whether he has anything left in the tank.
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