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Giants blown away

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Giants blown away

1 reply. Most recent reply: Oct 19, 2014 10:47 PM by Guest

The backs to the wall recovery didn't happen. Giants didn't recover and were crushed by Tigers. In an efficient and ruthless performance Tigers amassed the runs and then held onto the lead. Even two solo home runs off Oh in the bottom of the ninth couldn't help their recovery. Tigers had scored too many runs - braces to Nishioka and Gomez. Murton picked up three RBIs and Fukudome showing he has the big game temperament hit a solo home run. Tigers if they play like this have the ability to roll over either of their inferior Pacific League opponents and take the Japan Series. Of course reality is somewhat different to theoretical advantages. But Tigers are through to their first Japan series since 2005. One has to say well played.
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Re: Giants blown away

[ Author: Guest: Arthur | Posted: Oct 19, 2014 10:47 PM ]
Well done Tigers, a well deserved series victory. However, my enjoyment was a little soured by seeing Oh sent out for the 9th with a six run lead. His pitching looked very tired - I certainly hope he doesn't run into any injury problems in the future because of it.
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