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September 29th - It'll be all right on the night

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September 29th - It'll be all right on the night

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Sometimes your idiot choices and decisions work out very well. Sometimes they even do so in vital games. This was the case this game which turned into a pitching duel. Tsuruoka was paired with Iwata and threatened to screw things up early in the game but settled and worked well keeping the BayStars off the scoreboard. With the exit of Iwata Oh took over and he was paired with Fujii. The only reason for bringing up Fujii has to be the fat one's pride - he has contributed nothing to the team's success this season but he has 'experience'. However, this also worked and worked well. The stupid bunt in the bottom the 10th also proved to be immaterial. BayStars went for a double play but their pitcher messed up and Gomez hit a one out bases loaded sacrifice fly. Sayonara victory 1-0 Tigers. BayStars pitcher Kubo must have been really pissed. Having thrown 145 pitches over nine innings and then watched the relief blow the game must have been really annoying. Carp also won so things remain tied for second.
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