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September 15th - Starting with a win

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September 15th - Starting with a win

2 replies. Most recent reply: Sep 16, 2014 8:10 PM by Christopher

We all want to see Wada go but it is still nice when Tigers win. Iwazaki started and rapidly got into trouble but thankfully got out of it and eventually showed some nice stuff. He did have a 1-0 deficit which Murton extinguished with a home run 1-1. Narveson pitched for Swallows and also did well for seven innings. Then it was nice to see Swallows do exactly what Wada does and over-pitch the pitcher. Narveson gave up four runs with Tigers taking a four run lead. Fukuhara took over for Tigers and stank having to be replaced by Oh who closed the game out with his 35th save of the season (see what I mean about Tigers choosing good players but the idiot management not appreciating it. There was talk of Oh going down to the second team because he had dropped a couple of saves earlier this season). Tigers won the game 5-3.
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Re: September 15th - Starting with a win

[ Author: gogo0 | Posted: Sep 16, 2014 6:31 PM | Posts: 7 | From: tokyo | HAN Fan | Registered: Sep, 2014 ]
can you offer any insight as to why murton was subbed out in the 8th last night for fukuhara (pretty sure it was fukuhara)? didnt seem like an injury, was it to perhaps put a little pitcher's zip into returning the ball if it made its way to the outfield?

Re: September 15th - Starting with a win

[ Author: Christopher | Posted: Sep 16, 2014 8:10 PM | Posts: 3482 | From: Tokyo | HAN Fan | Registered: Sep, 2004 ]
Fitting Fukuhara in where he is unlikely to get an at bat is the most likely explanation.
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