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September 2nd - BayStars do it again

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September 2nd - BayStars do it again

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The propensity of this years BayStars to shoot themselves in the foot was really on display last night. After a great start in which Messenger pitched a first innings which indicated that he was still suffering from the effects of the night before. BayStars took a 3-0 lead. They then sat on it though one should also attribute their inactivity to some much improved pitching from Messenger who was able to clear his head and focus on his catcher. Kubo, BayStars pitcher wobbled in the sixth and Tigers took full advantage of the chance putting runners on second and third and then bringing them both home. 3-2 BayStars in striking distance. Wada had to over pitch Messenger again - one wonders if he wants to win the Japan series at all? If he goes on at this rate he won't have any arms left. Actually, it is all indicative of his chronic short termism. He is incapable of taking a long term view and panics far too readily; never a good quality in a manager. Going into the ninth BayStars closer Mikami was also suffering from the night before and after striking out Toritani surrendered a single to Gomez and a double to Murton. He then conceived the scheme of walking Fukudome to get at Imanari and work a double play which was on the face of it sound. Imanari had struck out three times before in the preceding innings. Of course the sacrifice fly was on but Mikami threw a straight to tempt the ground out. Unfortunately the middle of the zone was not the place to put the pitch and Imanari hit to left bringing in the tying run. Murton also rounded the bases and slid in to home. BayStars catcher Kurobane took the catch and assumed as they do in Japanese baseball that Murton was out. However, umpires have been instructed to enforce the rules and Kurobane didn't apply a tag. Murton was safe and Tigers had a sayonara victory 4-3. Nakahata got himself ejected protesting the decision which stood and was left to rue his side's incompetence. A nicely snatched victory but it does not mean that Imanari suddenly becomes a useful player. He needs to do more than just have a stroke of luck.
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