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August 27th - A welcome bounce back

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August 27th - A welcome bounce back

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Sometimes it is really difficult to figure what is going on in Wada's tiny mind. Removing Iwata after six innings was logical considering that he had thrown 120 pitches but removing Umeno? After Tsuruoka's disaster the night before which almost turned into another one? Iwata started poorly and really wasn't on top form giving up three runs to Murata in the form of a home run in the first. Giants really let this one slip. Iwata really had to work hard but by the end of his session hadn't given up another run. His catcher had been excellent which makes the decision to switch all the more incomprehensible. Especially as the pinch hitter chosen was Saka - a non event if ever there was one. At that point Tigers were 3-1 behind. They drew level in the eighth with an RBI from Toritani and then an absolutely appalling sacrifice double play from Murton. He could have and should have done better here. The game staggered into extra innings and Gomez managed to get hold of a loose pitch with Toritani on - a two run home run 5-3 Tigers. We had the Oh/Tsuruoka combination and the first pitch was hit into the stand for a solo home run 5-4 Tigers. Oh managed to hold on to this slim margin for his 32nd save and Tigers took the game. Gomez had finally come through in a real clutch situation. Kaneda picked up this win.
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