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Notice of Site Renovation

So much of this site is jumbled up and half done with the new theme. Frankly, despite the number of people who like it, it's driving me crazy. I hate to look at it and call this my work. So the Player Meikan section is coming down until I've had time to clean it up and bring it up to speed with the rest of the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Ohtani's position in 2017 ( Ask the Commish ) Sorry about this but this is an issue in one of my fantasy leagues. Did Ohtani play the OF at all in 2017 or was he strictly a DH? If so, how many games did he play there? I cant find a Japanese site that lists the games played in English and the Baseball Reference site doesnt indicate that he played a position in 2017.

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Youth Baseball ( Ask the Commish ) Question: We're moving to Japan in the near future near Sagamihara. I have 2 boys that are extremely active when it comes to sports especially baseball. We play and travel all year around in the South East part of the United States. Also, I played collegiate baseball at THE Ohio State University. With that being said, I am having a very hard time finding youth baseball leagues that are not affiliated with the local military bases. Is there any Kanagawa Prefecture leagues American boys can join? Even soccer.... ages are u12 and u13... Thanks!

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