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So much of this site is jumbled up and half done with the new theme. Frankly, despite the number of people who like it, it's driving me crazy. I hate to look at it and call this my work. So the Player Meikan section is coming down until I've had time to clean it up and bring it up to speed with the rest of the site.

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August 7th - Well it is shi no rodo ( Tiger Tails ) Another awesomely bad result for Tigers. And once again a Wada generated key moment. The situation - top of the fourth and Ishiyama is in a mess. He has just been hit for a double by Murton and dead balled Takahiro Arai first pitch. Tigers have runners on first and second with no outs. Next is Itoh batting seventh and what does Wada have him do with a wobbly pitcher? Bunt. Consider the next two batters, Umeno; an excellent catcher but as a batter still a work in progress with an average of .198 and Saiuchi. The latter he could pinch hit for but Saiuchi is pitching well and he would want to keep him in. Wada's choice to bunt pays no attention to his available resources and the likely result of his decision and lets Swallows off the hook. Suddenly there is an out and Ishiyama can attack Umeno. This is exactly what happens - a get out of jail free card as Wada does keep Saiuchi in. He lines out and Tigers chance to win has gone. Saiuchi folds in the bottom of the fourth and Swallows dominate the game from then on. Final result 13-4 but who is going to haul that idiot Wada over the coals for his bunt decision?

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August 8th-10th - Something goes right ( Tiger Tails ) After the Swallows debacle Wada made some changes but they actually worked out. Having Tigers in Osaka Dome also helped and Tigers took an important rubber against Carp. Tsuruoka and Shimizu were used in the catching role and both showed serious problems handling the relief. Tsuruoka was to be expected but it was a bit of surprise about Shimizu. However, both managed to hold on and win their games. The first game 7-5 to Tigers with not only mishandling of the relief but some classic Tsuruoka mismanagement of Fujinami. Still a win is a win and we were treated to a rare Fukudome home run. Tigers also managed to hold off a late charge by Carp. Shimizu called to Nohmi and once again Tigers almost blew it late - Shimizu proving that he was just as poor handling the relief as Tsuruoka. Tigers held on to take the game 5-4 which was close. The final game of the series saw Tigers lose. With such an important game you would have thought that Wada would have used one of his experienced pitchers but he used it to give Iwasada his first ever ichi gun start. Pairing him with Tsuruoka was of course a disaster and Carp took the game 7-3. Wada needs to continue to focus on Umeno as his catcher rather than the hasbeens he likes. Still Tigers have an important two victories and the chance to build some momentum.

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Day 5, Game 2 - Kaisei (開星) (Shimane) v. Osaka Touin (Osaka) ( High School ) On 2014-8-15 Goro Shigeno wrote:
What's even scarier about having Meitoku Gijyuku in with a lot of the powerhouses gone... is Osaka Touin at Koushien with a lot of the powehouses gone.

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Lamigo Monkeys rally for 8-6 win over Brothers ( CPBL News ) On 2014-8-11 Paul Huang wrote:
Chen Guan-ren's RBI double highlighted a four-run eighth for the Lamigo Monkeys as they rallied from three down to edge past the top-ranked Chinatrust Brothers 8-6 at the Taipei Tianmu Baseball Stadium last night.

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Day 3, Game 2 - Kanoya Chuo (Kagoshima) v. Shiritsu Wakayama (Wakayama) ( High School ) On 2014-8-13 Goro Shigeno wrote:
Kanoya Chuo's signature win came when it really mattered, a 3-1 victory over Kamimura Gakuen which I was luckily able to watch. A lot of that was because of ace Nanashima Takuya.

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Rosters up (as best as can be translated...) ( High School ) On 2014-8-9 Goro Shigeno wrote:
Here are the rosters for Koushien. Names translated to the best of my ability.

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Day 5, Game 3 - Nisshougakushadai Fuzoku (Higashi Tokyo) v. Kaisei (海星) (Nagasaki) ( High School ) On 2014-8-15 Goro Shigeno wrote:
One Kaisei exits stage right, another enters, they hope with better results. In their road to the title, they only needed to defeat one powerhouse team in Souseikan to win the title. The team doesn't hit very well, and the pitching appeared so-so.

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Aug 10th 2014, Tokyo @ Yokohama ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-8-10 Garrett DeOrio wrote:
The BayStars. Almost ’nuff said. Ugh.

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Day 3, Game 3 - Saga Kita (Saga) v. Rifu (Miyagi) ( High School ) On 2014-08-13 Goro Shigeno wrote:
13:30 - First Pitch!

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Aug 8th 2014, Tokyo @ Yokohama ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-8-8 Garrett DeOrio wrote:
The answer: Sunday, April 13th.

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