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Current Popular Discussions
Game 2 - onto the second series ( Tiger Tails ) Well this one was really farcical. They didn't even bother to play the bottom of the 12th. Basically Tigers won the series by scoring one run in the first game and Carp scored no runs. I may be a Tigers fan but sorry - this is acceptable? No one scored at all in the second game and even after 12 innings from the Carp the score was 0-0. This means by virtue of their first game win Tigers go through to the second round. For the first time it may be noted. Wada had Oh pitch three innings - brilliant stuff to try and wear out your closer with a series against the Giants looming. I can't help feeling that the whole process is a marketing disaster.

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Onto the Climax Series ( Tiger Tails ) Tigers finished second in the Central League. Carp needing to win their final game lost giving Tigers the home advantage. This ensures lots of lovely revenue for the Tigers but unfortunately almost certainly ensures another year of Wada - the higher management being too gutless to sack him. So like Mayumi they have put in place a policy ofr targets. If Wada reaches the target he stays; if not he goes. The problem with having a policy is that it allows avoidance of necessary steps. Wada has had three years to prove that he is an inadequate manager but no one in the organisation has the courage to admit that and move on. The policy allows them to evade a decision. Wada's team didn't win second through their own efforts - they got it through Carp's inadequacies. Second was Carp's to lose not Tigers to win. However, Tigers reached second and so Wada will stay. There are some voices in the Tigers organisation who realize this. Tigers had a championship winning team which was mismanaged badly by Wada and his coaching team. Thecoaching team will change but not the useless manager. The current favourite to take over as Head Coach is Kanemoto. Tigers must have a good chance to win their first Climax Series playoff round - Carp are pretty dismal at the moment having burned themselves out. However, they could still do exactly what they did last year. Wada is a hopeless manager and could mismanage this series as well.

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Oct 6th 2014, Tokyo vs Yokohama ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-10-6 Christopher Pellegrini wrote:
This game was originally supposed to be the season finale, but a poorly-timed typhoon ended up scratching yesterday’s game and moving it to tomorrow.

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Hanshin want Wada to stay on as manager ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-10-9 Kyodo News wrote:
Hanshin Tigers owner Shinya Sakai will ask Yutaka Wada to stay on as manager of the Central League club, sources said Thursday.

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Kokubo gives Otani 1st Samurai Japan call-up ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-10-9 Kyodo News wrote:
Double-duty phenomenon Shohei Otani, who hit .274 with 10 homers as a left-handed hitter while leading the Nippon Ham Fighters with 11 wins as a right-handed pitcher, was named to Japan's senior national team for the first time on Thursday.

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Game 1 ( Tiger Tails ) A tired team took on quite a fresh team - the tired team being Carp. Maeda was not at his best and gave up a solo home run in the sixth innings; Fukudome being the culprit. This was all that Tigers needed to win the game 1-0. So Tigers have won one of their rare Climax Series victories and even more so look to be able to progress. This will also be a welcome first for them.

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Rhinos still in running for second-half title ( CPBL News ) On 2014-10-10 Paul Huang wrote:
The EDA Rhinos kept their playoff hopes alive with an improbable come-from-behind 4-3 win over the Chinatrust Brothers in extra innings on Wednesday night, leaving the second-half title still up for grabs for both sides.

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Yamada tops hit mark for Japanese ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-10-7 The Yomiuri Shimbun wrote:
Tetsuto Yamada hammered out four hits for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows in a 7-6 victory over the Yokohama DeNA BayStars at Jingu Stadium on Monday.

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Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast – 10-13 … ( Japanese Baseball Daily ) Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast – 10-13 …

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This year's Asia Series canceled ( Baseball Asia ) On 2014-10-7 Kyodo News wrote:
The Asia Series will not be held in November as scheduled, Nippon Professional Baseball announced Tuesday.

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