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September 16th and 17th - What to make of it? ( Tiger Tails ) The final series of the must win games was over with Tigers taking 4 games and losing 5. What this means is anyone's guess. Iwata wasn't on form in the second game of the rubber and gave up two runs in the first three innings. Tigers though managed to bounce back and take a one run lead. So far so good but with Iwata not on form the chances that the Swallows would take the lead again were high. They did so in the sixth with a two run home run from Iihara. An extra run off Takamiya gave them a final victory 5-3. However, the home team could get absolutely no traction in the final game. Nohmi was on form and dominated proceedings. This was just as well as Tigers batting was poor. Despite scoring five runs they wasted numerous opportunities to score including a no out bases loaded situation in the sixth and a no out runners on first and third situation in the eighth (a sacrifice fly is not the only reward you want from the situation). Sensible management saw Nohmi replaced after 8 innings on 110 pitches and Andoh finished the game off. Tigers 5-0 Swallows.

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September 15th - Starting with a win ( Tiger Tails ) We all want to see Wada go but it is still nice when Tigers win. Iwazaki started and rapidly got into trouble but thankfully got out of it and eventually showed some nice stuff. He did have a 1-0 deficit which Murton extinguished with a home run 1-1. Narveson pitched for Swallows and also did well for seven innings. Then it was nice to see Swallows do exactly what Wada does and over-pitch the pitcher. Narveson gave up four runs with Tigers taking a four run lead. Fukuhara took over for Tigers and stank having to be replaced by Oh who closed the game out with his 35th save of the season (see what I mean about Tigers choosing good players but the idiot management not appreciating it. There was talk of Oh going down to the second team because he had dropped a couple of saves earlier this season). Tigers won the game 5-3.

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The latest on Wada ( Tiger Tails ) Hot from the horse's mouth as it were team president Minami confirmed that Tigers front office were thinking of offering Wada a contract for the 2015 season. His reasoning - managers were not something that should be changed easily. Of course one has always known that Minami is not really with it but this kind of feeble reasoning does take one's breath away.

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September 11th - Continuing the streak ( Tiger Tails ) If there is anything that means more to Tigers fans than the Pennant or even the Japan series it is beating the Giants over the seasons games. "At least we beat the Giants" is a common refrain for Tigers fans after another dismal season. However, this season is different - the Giants won the most games. This has turned fans against Wada in unprecedented numbers (well those who were still neutral) and there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the manager in Tigersland especially in the manner Giants took the series. Nohmi started and pitched to Umeno instead of Tsuruoka. One can surmise that Nohmi (who is petulant at best) was not happy though he didn't exactly shine with Tsuruoka. The truth is no catcher can currently manage the temperamental ace who is also suffering from over-pitching. He started badly loading the bases with one out in Giants first. First Kamei and then Murata hit right and left to bring in four runs for the Giants. It was that kind of night. Nohmi finally exited the game in the sixth and was replaced by Kaneda another pitcher who is struggling even though Wada loves to use him. He promptly gave up another 2 runs to make the score 6-0 to the Giants. Tigers loaded the bases in their seventh and Uemoto brought home 2 runs but the clean up failed to explode and all three were out without adding to the score. A perfect surmisation of Tigers recent batting performance. The rest of the game was an anti-climax moving to its inevitable conclusion a 6-2 victory to Giants. It really was inevitable there was no spark at all from the Tigers who just looked like they were going through the motions and couldn't wait for the season to end. Tigers have now lost 6 in a row and worryingly have been swept in the last two rubbers. They now have a chance to make it a third in a row as they take on Carp next.

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Sept 15th 2014, Tokyo vs Hanshin ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-9-15 Kozo Ota wrote:
Another day, another wasted Chris Narveson start. JIngu Stadium was packed because of the National holiday and for “Balentien Memorial Day” which marked the one year anniversary of Balentien breaking the NPB single season home run record.

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Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast – 9-15 … ( Japanese Baseball Daily ) Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast – 9-15 …

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Sept 16th 2014, Tokyo vs Hanshin ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-9-16 David Watkins wrote:
Tokyo displayed a healthy dose of tenacity as they flipped the scoreline from the previous night’s game, winning a back and forth affair against Hanshin.

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September 12th-14th - A series won ( Tiger Tails ) Probably one of the most bizarre series played by Tigers this season showing the full range of Wada's stupidity and inability to manage a game but with Tigers still walking away with a rubber victory. It all started with Fujinami whom Wada decided to pair with Tsuruoka for a change. More appropriately Carp went with Fukui a struggling pitcher who melted down spectacularly in the fourth. Carp were holding a one run lead but Fukui went to pieces and gave up six runs in all. Amazingly he stayed in the game. There was a rather stupid incident. Murton got hit by a pitch in the fourth so Fujinami plunked Kikuchi - do we really need this pathetic childishness? We then saw handbags at dawn and really it was quite pointless. Tigers added another couple of runs to win 8-2. The really stupid things was that Fujinami pitched all nine innings - 137 pitches in all. With a seven run lead there was absolutely no need for him to pitch the complete game. It was just complete Wada idiocy.

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Lotte News and Notes: 17 Sep 2014 ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-9-17 Steve Novosel wrote:
You might think that with the generally miserable season Our Marines have had that there would be no great news to share. Au contraire, mon frere! There's all sorts of interesting things going on, many of them quite good!

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Sept 17th 2014, Tokyo vs Hanshin ( Pro Yakyu News ) On 2014-9-17 David Watkins wrote:
The Swallows were shut out for the third time in September as they lost their latest game in the march toward 6th placed glory.

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