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Let's get it ON!!!

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Mike DeJong roars along with the Saitama Seibu Lions as they pursue the Pacific League pennant.

Let's get it ON!!!

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Okay, it's time to Climax... the PLCS is here: Lions vs. Hawks.

Game 1 is tomorrow and we'll be there. But we're nervous about this one. The PL's winningest pitcher this season Tadashi Settsu is on the hill for the Fukuoka crew. The Saitamen counter with knuckle-dragger Kaz Makita.

The game 1 match up appears to favour the Hawks: Settsu is 5-1 vs. the Lions this season with a 2.36 ERA and a 0.96 WHIP. He's also 4-0 at the Q-Joe.

But Makita is no slouch either, posting a 3-1 record against the Hawks with an ERA of 0.33 and a 0.98 WHIP. Amazingly, he allowed only one earned run in 27 innings against the boys in those ugly yellow (or green) unis (are they not the worst unis in NPB?)

Makita will have to keep a close eye on Seichi Uchikawa who has been a one-man Lion killer. In 20 games, he's batted .366 with 2 hrs and 7 doubles, and an OBP of .432. Keeping the Uchi-man off base will be a big challenge for Lions pitching.

Working in their favour might be the fact that Jose Ortiz will be facing the team that dumped him. Jose hit .296 with 2 hrs against the Hawks this season and you know he'd like a few more of those to bring his season to a "Climax."

So let's get it on and may the best team win (no ties please!!!)

Ganbatte Lions

(I should source for these statistics)
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