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The one that got away ( Tiger Tails ) This series could so easily have been a sweep with the first game almost being a complete game shutout. The first game was tight - very tight. Nohmi started superbly and was matched by the BayStars pitcher Ino. He though failed to take a Fukudome hit which allowed the Tigers clean up to get on base. A walk took Fukudome to second and then Nishioka singled which was enough to bring the runner home 1-0 Tigers. The score then stayed that way until the ninth. Kanemoto decided to give Nohmi another innings. He had thrown 96 pitches and controlled the game. Furthermore, Okazaki had been having a good game but all this was about to change. The first pitch of the innings was tired and ill considered and Tsutsugoh didn't need a second invitation to club it over the wall for the tying run 1-1. Here it would have been wise for Kanemoto to switch pitchers but he left Nohmi in and by the time Kanemoto woke up to the fact that this possibly wasn't the best idea there were runners on first and second with two outs. Instead of going with one of his better pitchers Kanemoto, as most inexperienced managers do went with a fill in Saiuchi who gave a away a single and the sayonara victory to the

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Two for the price of one ( Tiger Tails ) Watching the Tigers at Tokyo Dome one is reminded of what an exciting paring Takayama and Yokota are at 1 and 2. Game 1 of the season against the Giants provided Tigers fans with just what they wanted - a victory. It was also a handsome victory. Fujinami started slowly being unable to stop the Giants leveling the game but then settled down and pitched well. By the seventh though he was tiring and the Donue home run came from an obviously tired pitch. It was academic as Tigers were 8-1 ahead by that point. We also had two interesting runs scored. Firstly in the third a double steal which resulted in a run and then Poreda balked with a runner on third which meant a nice bonus. To add insult to injury Takayama then drilled the ball neatly into right to bring in two more runs. Kanemoto kept Fujinami in for the eighth innings and he had to get out of a bases loaded situation to exit the innings. Enokida closed the game down giving Tigers an 8-2 victory.

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An innings too far ( Tiger Tails ) This is the first opportunity I've had to blog an individual game this season and I'm going with a different format. One thing comments on these blog posts have mentioned is over-pitching and chasing of pointless milestones and we had an ideal illustration last night when a tiring Fujinami almost blew his third victory. The relief helped him out but Tigers will have to consider why they didn't put an inferior BayStars away earlier. Fujinami at his best made the BayStars batting lineup look pathetic but once he tired was easy meat.

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JBW -- Gomez, Tigers, MaeKen 4-11 ( Japanese Baseball Daily )
Japan Baseball Weekly Podcast -- 4-11 …

Vol. 6.10, John E. Gibson and Jim Allen discuss a chat with Mauro Gomez of Hanshin, chat about the Tigers, early trends with winning and losing teams, MaeKen’s dream start and notes.

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