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Phone App Let's You Catch the Next Ball Game in Your Hand

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Phone App Let's You Catch the Next Ball Game in Your Hand
Baseball in Japan just got a lot smaller and that's good news for fans everywhere.Thanks to the folks at Konami everyone in Japan can now catch a ball game right in the palm of their hand. The video game maker has just released a new cell phone app, "Mobile Pawafuru Puroyakyu - Ikkyu Sokuho" (aka "Powerful Baseball News Pitch"), that delivers Japanese pro ball games in real time and much more.

"Powerful Baseball News Pitch" will take you back in time to those sultry summer nights of listening to the game over your little transistor radio and then propel you light years ahead. This amazing little phone app uses Konami's popular "Power Pro" baseball video game interface to bring all the season's games right to your cell phone screen in living animation. Try it during an actual game and watch the cute little Power Pro characters take to the virtual field where they will recreate the real on-field action of hitting and throwing the ball. Bringing the sights and sounds of the ballpark to life, you might think you were watching a televised game broadcast. That is if it weren't for the on-screen characters who are a hundred times more adorable than their real life counterparts (sorry but it's true).

"Powerful Baseball News Pitch" puts a treasure trove of stats and other information at your fingertips, plus you'll never have to miss a game again. You can play any of the season's games anytime, anywhere you want. You can also recapture all the magical moments, like triple plays and grand slammers, and relive them over and over again. Put in a few extra hours on the job and missed half of the game? No problem, just play back the part you missed and you won't have missed a thing, plus you'll have some extra money in your pockets to boot. It's a win win application no matter how you look at it.

Right now "Powerful Baseball News Pitch" is basically a Japan-only app (via KDDI's EZweb) that's unlikely to travel beyond the borders of this distant land. Then again, the world of baseball is getting smaller and anything is possible, especially in baseball.

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