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NPB Hitting Streaks

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NPB Hitting Streaks
Hi, new here. Big fan of Japanese baseball and Sadaharu Oh.

I have question regarding hitting streaks in Japan. I have an interest in hit streaks and am trying to compile a comprehensive list of all hit streaks longer than 20 games. I have the top ten (I think) in Japan, but would like to know if anyone can add to my list? This is what I have.

Yoshihiko Takahashi 33 1979 Hiroshima Toyo Carp
Atsushi Nagaike 32 1971 Hankyu Braves
Jiro Noguchi 31 1946 Hankyu Braves
Yataka Fukumoto 30 1977 Hankyu Braves
Isao Harimoto 30 1976 Yomiuri Giants
Glenn Braggs 29 1993 Yokohama Baystars
Tony Bernazard 28 1988 Nankai Hawks
Hiyama Shinjiro 28 2001 Hanshin Tigers
Iwamoto Yoshiyuki 27 1951 Shochiku Robins
Hirose Yoshinori 27 1964 Nankai Hawks
Also, I am very interested in any hitting streaks Ichiro had while he was still in Japan. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

Re: NPB Hitting Streaks
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Jun 3, 2009 5:20 PM | YBS Fan ]

With my yearly Record Book I can confirm the top five above (except that Harimoto is usually listed before Fukumoto since he accomplished 30 consecutive games first).

Regarding Ichiro, today's (June 3, 2009) Nikkan Sports (paper edition) reports an interesting record. In the Eastern League (Orix's farm team) in 1993 (the year before his breakout season), Ichiro set the Japan farm consecutive game streak record of 30. But he did it during two stints. That is, between April 25 and May 20 Ichiro hit in 13 consecutive games. He was then called up to the top team until the beginning of July. Back on the farm team, Ichiro then continued where he left off hitting in 17 consecutive games from July 6 to August 7.

While playing for the top Orix team in Japan, Ichiro reached 23 consecutive games with a hit twice:

May 21, 1994 - Jun 21: 41 for 95 (.432)
Jul 13, 1994 - Aug 14: 39 for 101 (.386)

Ichiro holds the Japan record for most consecutive games reaching base when he reached base in 69 consecutive games in 1994 between May 21 and Auguast 26. He nearly duplicated the feat in 1995 going 67 games in a row reaching base from April 28 to August 2. And when you consider how few times he walks, that's quite an accomplishment.
Re: NPB Hitting Streaks
[ Author: Oh for HOF | Posted: Jun 4, 2009 1:32 AM ]

Thanks, that's great stuff. If anyone has any more or can confirm those last five, that'd be great!

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